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Playing is an adult thing

That is why the child’s theory is at least theoretically written

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0-99: It will have happened often, as we were preparing to build financial empires on the board board game board board, to cross amazed these two figures in the corner of the package. As if it was possible that an over 14 plays at something. Yet, no longer so quietly, collectors-players (sometimes investors) of cards, groups of role-playing players, and fans of the gaming world, a little grown.

The game is no longer a matter for boys or children, it is entering into everyday life (has ever come out) even of adults: to notice this new audience, it was above all the toy market.

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During the pandemic there was a significant increase in turnover, due to the fact that we found ourselves with a lot of free time to engage, with and without children. Despite the data of the previous year indicate a slight drop in sales (-6%), the most interesting ones concern the audience: after the games for children, the consumer who drives the sector is the adult, for which special products are designed. One example is the Lego Adults Welcome line, which offers construction sets inspired by works of art, TV series or cult films of the last 30 years. Objects that fill the American basements and empty the wallet: why not expose in the living room a beautiful tower of the Avengers 90 cm high or a tongue of the Rolling Stones 2000 pieces?

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Buying toys is seen as an action by eternal Peter Pan, who do not give up on the identity card. But are kidults, so-called, really bad or simply do not give up a natural need for recreation? Let’s take the senior cliché: avid trump player, reflective chess player or athletic bowler. Aren’t these the games they used to play when they were younger in their spare time? The adultescent, another name for the kidult, do nothing but decline the game differently: probably Millennials and Gen Z will find, white hair in tow, for a vintage warzonata, a vintage game at Magic The Gathering or for a Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

In a nutshell: FIFA match will be the new tactical briscoletta at the bar. Beer attached.

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Nostalgia 90s

For those born and raised in the 90s, marketing nostalgia is probably one of the most important levers to help not make it to the end of the month. Millennials are poised daily between paying a meager salary with which you barely pay your rent and a list of games to buy in pipeline since 1995. 

At the time the letters to Santa Claus were a serious matter and the embarrassment of choice could immobilize for whole afternoon at the desk of the bedroom. With the mega box office revenue of Barbie, which amounts to 32 million and 122 thousand euros, has made sure that 2023 made the star of Mattel come back into fashion. 

On the shelves of stores like FAO Schwarz or Hamleys in Milan the fuchsia shelves no longer have a young woman, blonde, perfect, with 25 cars and 32 boyfriends Ken but a professional career, a veterinarian or an astronaut for example, who also sometimes has a normal body

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Always among the aforementioned shelves, peeking around a little, you will notice that the average age of the curious and curious is certainly not childish

From analog to digital, few survivors can claim that they don’t have a PlayStation at home. First launched in Japan in 1994 and then the year after in the United States, the most famous video game console in the world is, about 30 years later, still an indispensable pastime

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Even the famous Canta Tu this year has returned to make a comeback in advertising schedules, with a new digital version to which it is difficult to say no. 

@pfifftoys What‘s a perfect Christmas party without a karaoke machine? 🎤🎶 We proudly present you the ✨CANTA TU✨ by Giochi Preziosi. 😍 Fun guaranteed! 🎧🧑‍🎤🥳 #pfifftoys #südtirol #southtyrol #belluno #veneto #localbusiness #toystore #toys #spielzeug #spiele #giochi #giocattoli #foryou #fy #foryoupage #fyp #perte #fürdich #karaoke #karaokemachine #micdrop #singing #cantatu #giochipreziosi #fun #band #performance ♬ Stereo hearts - ⭐️

In summer, however, a Super Liquidator is what you can not miss immediately after the beach towel. And if it’s still hard to believe that playing is the stuff of adults, just think that Mark Rober, former NASA engineer decided, always for fun, to make one with his hands, so powerful that you can split a watermelon in half. 

@pio3d Te lo ricordi questo? Il Super Liquidator #teloricordi #ricordi #vintage #nostalgia #estate #giocattoli #liquidator #superliquidator #toys #90s ♬ suono originale - Pio3D

What a blessed youth!



Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios