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Gaia Gozzi and her summer spent with Havaianas

You don’t have to go back to work if you’re wearing flip-flops!


"L'estate sta finendo" quoted the well-known song by Righeira, and yet, in the first days of our return, we all still carry that sensation of sand under our feet in our minds and hearts. 

The Havaianas brand shares this sentiment 365 days a year. The most famous Brazilian flip-flop brand in the world, could not but choose the singer Gaia Gozzi as her testimonial: positive vibes, mix of cultures and a lot of energy.

We asked Gaia (in honor of the old days) some questions about her summer.

Hi Gaia, first of all how are you? What are you doing in this last period?

I’m very well, thank you. It’s a time when I’m traveling a lot, writing, eating amazing food and enjoying life. 

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Your hit songs never disproved your Brazilian heritage. Do you think that in Italy the world of music lacks international contaminations of this kind?

Italy is actually extremely culturally contaminated, the problem is that the artistic representation of different cultures has not yet reached the mainstream in a solid way. Projects like Ghali, Epoque, Rhove bring their "mixed generation flavor" to the stage and into the songs, but they are not the only ones. 

Havaianas and Brazil, we could say that they are almost the same word. What do you like most about the brand and what are the features you see in you?

The brand has always been a symbol of Brazilian culture. It is democratic, in price and use. In Brazil, everyone has owned a Havaianas at least once in their life. The design is unmistakable, simple, comfortable and colorful and makes me feel immediately at home. It’s fun to use them to get out, the foot breathes and you immediately feel in Copacabana. Better than that...

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Un post condiviso da Gaia (@gaiaofficial)

Your favorite Havaianas model for this summer?

You Malta and Slide are the choice this summer. 

Your favorite Havaianas model to go to a concert?

The Luna model is the perfect sandal for a concert, both on the beach and for a festival in the middle of nature. You can easily take them off to feel the ground under your feet when you dance, or keep them for the whole evening so you feel like you have nothing on your feet. 

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Un post condiviso da Gaia (@gaiaofficial)

Which slipper will you wear tomorrow to meet your future? But above all, what will you do?

If I had to jump into my future, I would wear the classic Havaianas Top. Always and forever by my side. To have courage towards the unknown, at least the journey must be comfortable.



Image credits: Havaianas Press Office