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Full face and zero-waste

What are the make-up brands that can guarantee excellent quality while respecting the environment?


For many of us, the idea of transforming our lifestyle into a zero-waste routine sounds almost impossible. There are many, too many things that one would be forced to give up in daily life, and for which there are still no valid zero/low-waste alternatives. But is it really so? Or is it an excuse that we sometimes tell ourselves to avoid the exhausting search for tricks and alternatives to our current habits, already extensively tested and refined over years, decades of practice?

However, there is good news, at least as far as cosmetics are concerned. Those who thought that a zero-waste life inevitably implied eliminating make-up from their habits, prepare to change their minds. In a mix of technological formulas and leaps into the distant past, today it is possible to have flawless makeup every day even without an ounce of plastic at home and just as important, without compromising on products with mediocre yields, in the name of the environment. 

Let's see together some of the brands that offer us the most interesting alternatives for a low/zero-waste make-up.


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The queen of soaps and oils without packs, today also offers us an entire line of “nude” make-up, that is, without external packaging, if not the cardboard wrapper in which it arrives.

Foundation, concealers, lipsticks, highlighters: there is everything you need for a full face. The products are presented in solid form, in sticks or in the shape of colored “eggs”, and once applied they blend perfectly on the skin. The strong point of the line is certainly the wide range of shades to choose from. The lipstick is the perfect size to be inserted in a packaging of some finished lipstick, or, if we want to give our days a more vintage air, you can buy a metal pack inspired by those of the 30s on the Lush website, in which to insert our lipstick once extracted from the wax envelope in which it is kept.

Kjaer Weis

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In low-waste make-up there is also no shortage of premium proposals, for those who do not want to give up luxurious packaging. The Northern European brand Kiaer Weis offers luxury make-up with a refill system, which allows you to fill the beautiful metal slide-on packaging with new product pods, without having to throw and buy them from time to time. The performance of the products is worthy of professional make-up and the line is constantly expanding.

Axiology Beauty

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The most interesting products of this brand are undoubtedly the Lip-to-Lid Balmies, “pastels” for face, eye and lip makeup, with a “100% Evil-free” formula. They can be purchased in trio or individually, and can be used as lipsticks, highlighters, blushes, bronzers and eye shadows. The outer pack is made of cardboard, and the product is wrapped in a thin layer of paper that can be torn off as the “pastel” is used, which is reminiscent of a wax color in all respects.

And if I haven't convinced you until now to launch yourself into the world of low-waste make-up, maybe I will succeed with this: Berber lipstick.

On several sustainable cosmetics sites, as well as on Etsy, you can buy what is called Berber lipstick, also known as Aker Fassi. It is a small round terracotta container, which resembles a kind of lid, infused with a pigment obtained from poppy leaves and other plant components. Its dry color can vary from dark brown to red, but once moistened it can be picked up with your finger or a brush, and it will release a beautiful vibrant and buildable red color on the lips, also perfect for the cheeks.

It is a very old and completely natural recipe, still widely used in northern Africa, especially in Morocco. Furthermore, terracotta is a natural material: it is literally clay from the same earth and fired at high temperatures. Hard to be more low-waste than that!