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Ferragni on Fazio: what we expected her to say and what she said

Chiara Ferragni was a guest on Che Tempo Che Fa on Sunday 3 March. Here's what happened.


The Ferragni-Balocco affair (and more) and the Ferragni-Fedez (now nicknamed Fedex) relationship is undoubtedly better than the TV series that featured them.

In Ferragni's shaky communication, from the 'little match girl' video to the blocked comments, something right has finally been done wrong. The interview with the Corriere della Sera.

The idea of communicating only through the press office and by means other than social media was surely the only safe move to make, as we had already mentioned here, but the interview turned out to be overdone.

Nothing wrong with agreeing to an interview but foolish not to also agree on the presence of uncomfortable questions. It would have been smart to propose them in order to build a defence strategy. Given all this good faith, why not go the right way? But no. And the result is identical to the little letter read at Sanremo.

- 'I am also imperfect' equals: victimisation. Moral: everyone can make mistakes.

- 'Right to keep problems within family walls' equals: Fedez's illness was not a problem to be kept within family walls. Moral: there are problems to sponsor and problems not to sponsor.

- 'The priority is to protect my children ' equals: learn and repeat the sentence by heart. Moral: think about it before exposing your children from the ultrasound to burping.

In short, a day of mourning for readers, considered decerebrates, following these statements:

  • Does Ferragni use the word cartouche? What does cartouche mean?
  • The cachet was not hers but of her companies
  • Luckily today there is (thank you, not because of her) the Charity Bill
  • The company is made up of young people who can make mistakes
  • Etc etc.

While the latest slip-up with the Trussardi scion being blamed for a flirtation with Chiara is definitely a meme. After listening to Ferragni's press office point out that the two 'don't even know each other', Trussardi called Chiara Ferragni's staff's stance offensive.'We have known Chiara Ferragni for many years, since she was a simple but talented 'bloggherina' and still struggled to get invited to fashion shows,' Trussardi points out on his Instagram profile.

Travaglio's lawsuit-prone comment instead associates Ferragni with Wanna Marchi. It should have triggered Chiara's ire as well as that of Fedez, who failed to respond by expounding a simple concept: until proven otherwise, Ferragni is innocent because she has no convictions. Contrary to what happened, however, to Wanna Marchi.

Every day there is more and more tasty news and definitely better than their series, but there will be none at Che Tempo Che Fa.

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What we expected to happen on Che Tempo Che Fa.

Without too much effort Fabio Fazio will go out of his way to make her out to be:

  • A strong and courageous woman
  • A single mum (single mums work better than kittens)

The whole thing will be seasoned with:

  • A sprinkling of goody-goody and fake stupor
  • Tears and or trembling voice (applause will follow) about Fedez and children (more applause will follow)

There will be talk:

  • About her dreams as a child
  • About how you have to be careful when you grow up
  • That everything is now, finally, clearer in the world of charity

It will end with: "Come on Chiara everything will be fine, the truth will come out, you are strong and you will get up. Be careful but the good faith is there and people know it'.

Cut, end credits.

What happened on Che Tempo Che Fa.

Black suit, lace top and heels. Chiara Ferragni shows up at Che Tempo Che Fa elegant and visibly excited. What did they say to each other?

What came out of it, apart from two clips praising Ferry's exploits, was that we should give things the right dimension. Since there's a war on. Eh I would say... Duh!

"It sure was a tough two months," Chiara says and in a confused world starts talking about business operations but the best comes with the statement that follows: "They were classic commercial operations", "It's people who misunderstood", "Charity should be done to encourage emulation, people misunderstood".

We misunderstood. That's where the catch was. "I did everything to push to emulate. I am sorry if people did not understand that. I am in good faith. I had even put on make-up, I thought I looked good!".

Now, after this statement, an average intelligent person, not much but average, changes the channel and tells her to go to hell. We, on the other hand, who are masochists, continue to watch Fazio, who does not look her in the eye much, but continually turns his gaze to Filippa (who deserves a separate article thinking about how chauvinist it can be to pretend to have a person who has been sitting in the audience for I don't know how many years as an assistant). But that's another story.

"If I create misunderstandings I won't do it again". OK Chiara, we're all dumb but we're all.

And after another tearful video (so much so that she asked for Kleenex to dry herself off. A new case of surreptitious advertising?) Chiara says that she has not told everything about her private life and if she has, it is not 100% of her but only a small part. Details about intimacy and what else are missing?

Then Fedez is mentioned and how? "I'm not such a strategist as to use Federico to shift the attention... there have been many crises, this is one of them". Eh thank goodness! "There are people who understand you and others who don't. I try to be authentic".

At minute 20 they still haven't said anything but when Fazio compares her to the royal family she immediately lights up. From victim with glazed eyes she becomes proud with enlightened eyes. "We are like the royal family" Chiara thinks as the hashtag #royalfamily blinds her.

She should have been told to reply: "I am not happy when they compare me to a royal family because I am a royal person!" But nothing! Nothing! Just curled lips synonymous with self-satisfaction.

And immediately another bombshell: "I give up my privacy to tell the story of myself", that is to say, to invoice, but what should have upset all Italians is when she said that she kept the same suit (the famous, grey one from the little match girl video) from Saturday to Monday.

A shower, no?

"In hindsight I would no longer link charity to business as people have not understood". She repeats that it is the consumers who have not understood.
In other words: "Hey guys I'm sorry/I did it all too fast/I want to live in the present/Social media isn't everything and it has so many downsides/There's a life outside that needs to be lived". Thank you Chiara for enlightening us. But did you really not shower for three days? "I felt surrounded and when I came out I found great people, the real world is beautiful".

From tomorrow morning Chiara will go to the office and try to improve herself. But she also thought about how to dress last night because she thought she would be judged. She took a shower for sure because her hair was very clean. Clean for 26 minutes of nothing.

Break, applause.



Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios