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Dérive x Nike Yoga: from the collab is born “Passaggi”

A hybrid exploration of the Yoga discipline


“Passaggi” is a sensory experience promoted by Luiss Hub, Italia Camp and Istituto Marangoni, which sees renewed collaboration between Dérive and Nike Yoga.

The protagonist will be Yoga, with the desire to create a dialogue between the practice and the disciplines of contemporary art as: ambient music, poetry and video-art.

How? There will be three sessions curated by the master Marco Migliavacca, founder of [hohm] Street Yoga, held on 3rd, 10th and 17th December, all at 13:00.

The protagonist of the first episode will be the sound landscape of the producer Palazzi D'Oriente, which will create harmonious sound patterns.

To enrich the second episode, instead, the poems, songs and lullabies of the singer-songwriter Sylvia.

The third and final meeting will have the contribution of the visual artist Luca Giudici, who will project natural images, useful to establish a dialogue with the practice Hatha/Vinyasa.

The hope is to obtain a greater awareness of oneself and one’s body through interdisciplinarity, the interaction between images, sounds, movements and new points of view. Space becomes nothing more than an entire entity strewn with infinite individual details.

The three appointments will be available from today on the app Nike Training Club (NTC), don’t miss it!