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DARLING, sunbathing has never been easier

This summer sunbathing will be cool and fun, using DARLING sunscreens, produced in a vegan and cruelty-free way


If you are looking for a sun cream that not only moisturises your skin, but also nourishes it and improves it day after day, the products DARLING are just what you need. A concentrate of all-Italian quality, sustainability and design that offer the customer everything he or she wants during a “sunbathing”.

The brand has staked everything on the search for an object that satisfies every little need, both personal and environmental. And it gives people the summer thrill of a product that, thanks to its innovative appearance and pastel colours, evolves into a small piece of design!

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The summer dream of having a tailor-made pampering becomes a reality with DARLING products that everyone should seek out while relaxing at the beach. In addition to the eye-catching design, the 100% Made in Italy brand aims to make consumers aware of the importance of sunscreen, while at the same time offering a true self-care experience that can also be included in one's daily skincare routine.

The sunscreens can be found in the form of spray lotions and face and body creams, ranging from 40 to 150 ml, each with UVA and UVB protection; moreover, one can safely enjoy a bath between tanning sessions, given the water resistance of the products.

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Un post condiviso da DARLING (@darlingofficial)

In addition, from now on these items will accompany you everywhere with the travel kit, a novelty for this summer 2023, which features travel-size bottles so you won't be left behind even on your holidays.

Suncare offered at an excellent quality price now also means beauty, simplicity and craftsmanship“Stay pretty forever”, with DARLING

Image DARLING Press Office