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From the Pandoro Gate to the appeal against the Antitrust

Is the strategy of Chiara Ferragni and her communication team not leading to great results or are they right?


A year and a few days from Sanremo where she represented women in difficulty, the female power, celebrated the body and brought on the stage of the Ariston anti-violence messages, Chiara Ferragni had entered the Olympus of social deities. A sort of Goddess with skyrocketing turnover... and as the stars say, she ended up in the stables on Christmas Eve. A Christmas where he ate everything but panettone. 

How she ended up in all this mess we know but as now is navigating in this shitstorm has some paradoxical. Investigated for aggravated fraud as well as for the Pandoro Balocco also for Easter eggs and then for dolls with his effigy and again for cookies Oreo (last update: Pigna also left her and she appealed)All because he based communication by making people believe he’s doing charity, now he’s scrambling for disastrous attempts to clean up the image. 

As it will end legally the law will think but she says confident (for the moment it is official the appeal against the Antitrust for the fine after the Balocco case). The only smart move he made that he should keep making is press releases

"I’m glad the government wanted to quickly fill a legislative gap," he said in a statement. Then the influencer from 29.3 million followers added: "What happened to me made me understand how it is fundamental to discipline with clear rules the charitable activities combined with commercial initiatives".

But no, what does Chiara do? Or what do they push her to do? Go back to Instagram, fortunately dressed not in gray, with stories and posts. Too bad he does it first by disabling the comments, which makes no sense, and then activating them only to friends and family, which he has some crazy. 

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Un post condiviso da Chiara Ferragni ✨ (@chiaraferragni)

The things to do according to Acrimony were 2: disappear for a long time so as to build the "myth" around her and communicate only through lawyers and press office or try to return to life before leaving but everyone could say their opinion. People are bad, it’s true, but it’s also true that sooner or later they get tired and stop. In short, Chiara could have taken the "people" to exhaustion and waited for the famous quiet after the storm. In life it takes patience.

Among the last awkward attempts was to go on vacation and mention the hotel where he stayed, a very chic structure that instead of ignoring it has not resisted to share his post. Result? A new avalanche of insults enough to force hotel owners to remove the contents. The same happened to a young designer who saw herself mentioned in a story on Instagram by those who in another condition would never run away and here too lightning bolts. 

She does not pay, she uses another boomerang strategy, that is, the children and the dog, used as emotional marketing. Crazy choice for 3 simple reasons. 

  1. Overexposure of these children is collapsing
  2. To rebuild your reputation the last thing you should do is use minors who have nothing to do with what happened, precisely because Balocco’s charity was aimed at children with cancer
  3. After the Council of Ministers passed a Ferragni law to try to give rules whenever we talk about charity, what will happen soon will be new rules to protect the use of images of minors

In short, from the frying pan to the fire. 

What remains for Chiara Ferragni? For now her clothes that she cannot tag because if she tried to tag Dior she would be electrocuted instantly. She still has her walk-in closet, which reminds her of happy days. And as long as animal rights activists don’t wake up, she has Paloma, the dog. Oh yes, for the moment even Fedez, thwarted the crisis with the photo published on Valentine’s Day now we have to ask what will happen next season of I Ferragnez.

Ferragni still doesn’t listen to us but here’s what she should do:

  • Get out of social as already mentioned and create effect "myth"
  • Sell to Amazon Prime the exclusive story of this story
  • Return only after the trial
Visualizza questo post su Instagram

Un post condiviso da Chiara Ferragni ✨ (@chiaraferragni)

Why was Chiara Ferragni so iconic and now she is not able to tell us anything new except that her hair is growing? 

Will it be the end of an era? Before Chiara, after Chiara? Or has the team of super experts already calculated everything? 



Illustraton by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios