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How to survive Milan Fashion Week 2023: a guide for the disinterested

Five tips to avoid unwelcome surprises during Milan Fashion Week


Considered one of the big four, Milan Fashion Week is the biannual event organised by the National Chamber of Fashion, the only one, together with the Fuori Salone, to be able to disrupt “the order of the addends”

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Although talk of survival is considerably exaggerated, we thought we would give some smart advice to those who do not wish to be touched in the least by the consequences that an event of this magnitude might cause.

1. Do not for any distant reason rely on taxis. Taxis during fashion week do not exist. I recall a personal anecdote to illustrate the hardcore statement I make. Last September, in the middle of fashion week, I had to go to Stazione Centrale to catch the bus that would take me to Bergamo airport. I was invited to a wedding in Pescara. It was 4 o'clock in the morning. How did I get to Centrale? After 30 minutes on 02 69 69, running...

2. Unfortunately, when it comes to mobility, not even public transport, which in the city of business is usually faultless, can take the hit. There are a few strategic times (7.30am and 5pm) when it is advisable to make use of them, avoiding rush hours and squeezing slyly into the back seats.

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3. Avoid places considered cool. From what point of view? Who can tell. You will surely have someone who can act as your cicerone on who and what to keep away from. Reluctantly, as a media outlet, we cannot name names.

4. Don't dress badly, you might be caught as a trend setter. Try hard, dress well and you will go as unnoticed as possible. Does the aesthetics of ugliness mean anything to you?

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5. Be patient, everyone is working.

Image Raden Prasetya on Unsplash