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“Beauty begins with truth”: Paula Begoun, revolution is truth

The beauty cop is back and we made sure to meet her.


We were guests of the talk at the Principe di Savoia in Milan where the legend of beauty (founder of Paula’s Choice) told her journey, the principles according to which her products are formulated and the essential rules of skincare. And we took the opportunity to ask her a few questions.

Hi Paula, it’s a pleasure to meet you again...

My pleasure, my lady!

Let’s start with the first question (I swear it is not a provocation): what do you think of the skincare related to the moon phases?

Are you kidding me (laughter ed.)? So first of all, there’s no scientific basis for the relationship between skin and moon. 

The skin is the widest and most complex tissue of the human body, it requires study, research, testing in the realization of products that have an effect on the different types that exist. What the hell does the moon, Neptune, Venus or Jupiter have to do with it?!

Anyway, I hate the beauty industry, I should get a new job...

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What is the best Paula’s Choice product?

They’re all mine, I made 95 percent of these products. Each of them is designed for its specific skin type. There is no one better than another: each of them represents a part of me. Even Paula’s Choice products that didn’t make it mean and meant something. For someone like me, who had really problematic skin, the formulation and the perceived texture are crucial. Much of the research is based on this. 

The first false skincare myth you think needs to be destroyed?

One of the latest trends on the subject of false myths concerns the word “all natural”. Beware of the totally natural, no ingredient has effect on the skin without being chemically processed. 

Not even aloe vera? For solar burns?

The only thing to do post solar burn (besides punishing yourself for not putting the SPF 50) is to use cold water.

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A tip against sunspots?

There is not even a product in Paula’s Choice that has an effect on the skin if not accompanied by a real obsession with constant sunscreen. 

How do you think CBD helps our skin?

Unfortunately in Paula’s Choice there is a discontinuity with CBD products due to the sales regulations. 

I say unfortunately because in our body we have the so-called endocannabinoid system, the skin is therefore able to perceive cannabinoids more immediately than other ingredients. 

They have an immense anti-inflammatory power and it would be nice to be able to insert them in more products. 

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Un post condiviso da Paula's Choice Italia (@paulaschoiceit)

The latest news in the field of skincare that is worth knowing?

I don’t believe in trends, I don’t believe in news in the beauty world. They are found in marketing companies. The real challenge is to do research, research and more research to meet the real and tangible needs of different types of skin. 

Thank you Paula, every answer is history.