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ARTYGRAM: @blindsaay



An art manifesto 2.0



This new episode of ARTYGRAM features the young digital artist, Japanese art director, Lindsay Arakawa.

Her art combines a passion for social media, analog photography and super colorful graphic lettering that harks back to Japanese fine art culture. A winning mix and match that recalls the beloved Murakami and her superflat, a Japanese artistic movement that was born as a social denunciation but which is characterized by the analysis of the otaku subculture and the famous pop animations.

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Un post condiviso da Lindsay Arakawa 荒川リンジー (@blindsaay)

Lindsay, the free time she has at her disposal, dedicates it to recovering photos she took around the cities, during her travels and writes us messages by hand or rather real gems of life that are able to encourage those who reads them, ranging from irony to criticism.

Certainly these digital works of her arise from the desire to capture the attention of us users who with the passage of time and with an increasingly rich communication of stimuli we are becoming distracted.

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Un post condiviso da Lindsay Arakawa 荒川リンジー (@blindsaay)

Lindsay tries to bring us back to reality with impactful graphics, in rainbow colors and letters with soft shapes that recall the posters of the 70s hippie festivals, which stimulate us to read as they are short but engaging. So from a single post, they would like to read more and more, looking for the most suitable daily advice to be placed on your profile.

A new way of communicating, fast and immediate, which manages to mix the love for photography, art and the desire to tell and tell oneself through words that strike in a few seconds.