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April 2024: Hunter Boots should be back in fashion

The British company closed in 2022, but the wounds in the hearts of millennials have not yet healed


2005, Glastonbury Festival, England. Kate Moss and Pete Doherty are still together. The heroin chic aesthetic is at its peak and the mud on the rain boots is a dutiful addition of style. 

2015, Choachella, California. Alexa Chung strolls through the music festival with a cigarette in one hand and a cocktail cup in the other. Fashion is starting to be less minimalist and muddy rain boots are being paired with sequined mini dresses or colourful garments. 

Several years have passed since Hunter Boots were faithful companions of the members of the British monarchy. From Lady Diana to Queen Elizabeth, King Charles and Kate Middleton, no one has ever given up this footwear. Sure, they use them for hunting and fashion icons for music festivals. But little has changed. 

Hunter Boots originated in 1856 in Edinburgh and are an important part of English style history. The heritage in this case was not enough to prevent the bankruptcy of a historic company, so popular that it sadly closed its doors last 2022. 

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Many have tried again over the years to make rain boots go viral, first among them Bottega Veneta with the Puddle Boots. But let's face it, the target audience hit is undoubtedly vast but less elegant and iconic. 

In short, Bottega's chuncky ankle boots have failed to replace Hunter Boots in the imagination of millennials. Pinterest is proof of this, just type in Kate Moss Hunter Boots, for example, to go back to the good old days when from a bedroom you could dream, recreate the looks of the stars and upload your own photos to Netlog, perhaps. 

April and May are the months of music festivals par excellence and the concert tours begin again. Precisely for this reason, we are clamouring for Hunter Boots to be the trend of the month. For old times' sake.

You can no longer buy the boots from the company, but there are several retailers, searching the web, who still have several models in stock. The dream is therefore not unattainable. At least this one. 



Illustration and collage by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios