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Acrimònia Home Tour - the minimal style of Korean houses

No frills and a passion for stools


I want to continue my dispassionate (and totally useless) amateur research about the similarities of house style in countries with strong identity, or at least of those most popular on my Instagram. We saw how stereotypical the French houses were, ascertained analogies and counted a disproportionated number of dried flowers bouquets.

Today we move a little further east, in South Korea, jumping into a an aseptic mood, minimal and essential. The modus operandi is “less is more”, that's my credo and I'm trying to introduce it in my everyday life and that, of course, makes this style -so bare but luxurious - my favorite.

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일주일이 정말 호다닥 지나가네❕

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We are at the polar opposite: from the French baroque odds and ends to the Korean clean aesthetics. The latter is a triumph of perfectly embedded geometries. The sense of balance is a pure sense of enjoyment.

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- 바빴던 월요일끝🌿 일찍 잘준비☺️ . #goodnight #미니_홈✨

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The airy spaces blend in with a sparse color palette that includes white, cream and beige. The furnishings are often in natural wood, not repainted. There is no place even for the most shy violet in Korean houses, as if every artifice is banned; everything is subtly raw, perfect in its natural state, no accessory processing seems necessary. The quintessence of neutrality.

The light filter through the large sliding windows which warm up the sterile environment. In fact there is no trace of a minimal personalization in home furnishings. No logo (blessed), nothing customized, nothing attributable to an influencer, whose face is often hidden and never exposed. And this is, perhaps, the most recognizable fact of this style: its impersonality, the absence of design object (and if you'll find it, you'll forgive my ignorance) and the lack of girly touches.

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Except for some tiny apartments of young Korean girl (maybe students?) who decorate their room with poster and flowers, giving us some notes of color.

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시험끝나고 젤 하고싶었던게 일주일은 미룬 대청소랑 여름느낌 물씬나는 메종드민 포스터, 엽서로 가득채우기!!💖 . . 와 근데 다하고 나니까 해질때 되버렸다😐 마지막 사진은 찐갬성샷 내가 좋아하는거 :) 이제보니 너무 어둡게 나왔나...하는 생각도 드네용 . . . . 스탠드 옆 베이지색 포스터를 제외하고, 모두 메종드민 @maisondemin_ 포스터 입니다 레몬색 체크 베개커버도 메종드민 제품ෆ . . . . #횬쓰윗뜨룸 #오늘의집 #인테리어 #셀프인테리어 #홈인테리어 #하우스그램 #홈스타그램 #집꾸미기 #방꾸미기 #집순이 #내방 #원룸꾸미기 #원룸인테리어 #침실인테리어 #홈스타일링 #집스타그램 #인테리어스타그램 #인테리어소품 #자취방꾸미기 #대학생 #방스타그램 #홈카페 #포스터 #빈티지 #햇살 #house #homesweethome #homedecor #interiordesign #myroom

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Kitchens are small and not similar to ours, in which we find tons of tools whose usefulness I often ignore. Some utensils over the crockery always ton sur ton or we have not understood.

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문의 많았던 숙소에요! 여행 뿐만 아니라 촬영으로도 제주도 자주 갔었는데 최근 갔던 숙소들중 가장 마음에 들었어요 ☺️ 저녁 외식도 취소하고 숙소에서 밥먹음.. 😋 연박부터 예약 가능하니 참고해주시면 좋을 것 같아요 :) 제주도 가신다면 가보셔요 🌾🌴💚

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Last note: why are there stools and stools everywhere? Could it be their hidden fetish?

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- 퇴근하고 힘들고 배뭉쳐서 누워있었더니 저녁시간이 다날아갔네😂 집안은 난장판인데 😇 . #goodnight #미니_홈✨

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