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Acrimònia Home Tour - the colorful and teen mood of Scandinavian homes

The dreamy atmosphere from which it is impossible not to be attracted


I was already aware of my profane inconsistency but a few days ago I had proof while I was staring at the perfection of Scandi-style houses. Like a primal need I decree it my fave style surpassing the Korean style of last time (fyi I'm not a Gemini).

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Om et par uger lander et lyseblåt tæppe herinde, som vi har ventet på siden juni. Tror det bliver drøn flot 🦋

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The game is always the same: searching on Instagram the stylistic identities (bc copies is rude) into influercers's houses in the same place. This analysis is for dummies, because anyone with some diopters could do this. But let's start:

Matilda Djerf is an adorable swedish model and influencer that I follow. She is 23 and has her own apartmentand someone has to stop me from drinking poison after I knew that.

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home 💗

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Light and gnarled parquet, white walls and ceiling adorn with some stuccos, long and thin windows that filter an early morning light (never take pictures at night, it's the ABC). THAT'S IT. That's the minimal structure that dominates the rest; and the rest is composed by a bed, a couch and a table.

Pink and lilac enliven this royal pallor and the baby breath animate a super fake scenario. Dreamy mood of course but when did we cross the line of “do it for the gram” and why do these girls suck the comforts of a real house?

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home is starting to come together 💕

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Trine Kjær is a danish stylist aligned with the previous style but with a little more adult taste and prone to maximalism. She has two babies and I suppose she has at least a kitchen. The unwritten dogma is that everything has to be aesthetically pleasent to look at, never a veil of truth like the charger or the soap in the shower. But the Instagram reality is another chapter I don't want to write.

The structure of the house is always the same: parquet and white walls. Here Trine plays with vibrant colors of the couch, carpets and tables. A post-impressionist palette filled with funny object and cute little plants. Here a semblance of livability is at least palpable.

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Obsessed with red these days ❣️ @gabrielledecaro

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Big protagonist of scandi style: Gustaf Westman's curvy mirror. And if it's not present, there will be the Sottsass's Ultrafragola.

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Reklame. Welcome Home 🎀🎀🎀

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Pernille Teisbæk is the black sheep of a white flock because she's too far from this adolscent taste. She prefers a sober elegance that perfectly matches her attitude. The Ultrafragola? Check but in the white version, Pernille is too chic to pick pink.

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Annonce @coach In my Summer whites, while proud to be partnering with Coach who just announced a $2M commitment to support NYC’s small businesses affected by Covid-19 🙏🏼 #CoachNY #thecoachoriginals

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Another popular item is the Ligne Roset couch

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#HomeWithTogo at last. @vivid, @adenwang, and their dog @muffinakashiba found the perfect spot of sun for their new Togo fireside chair in their San Francisco home. See our stories for more #HomeWithTogo inspiration.

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and the and the Layered carpets, wich our dear Matilda also used.

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When art meets interior. Our Lips Rug from The Breaking Boundaries Collection - designed by @asajungnelius 💋

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The obsession for colors and for plastic figures is a well-established concept and tbh for me inevitably attractive. A so positive and witty environment that I don't struggle to immagine me in a home like this.

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Releasing Curvy table mini today! Sending info and a link to everyone on the waiting list later today. Cheers 🍻

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Fetishes: tulips everywhere, all kind of ceramics, pastel blue, yellow and lilac.

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Eat some fruit this weekend

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Tips: follow Astrid Wilson, because besides being a terrific illustrator, she reposts perfect shots of scandi-style houses in her feed for a free inspiration.

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Flower Market prints Tokyo & Honolulu 50x70cm in the beautiful home of @solbackentre 🌼

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