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5 super recommended Hydrating Masks

Our allies against the cold of the season and mask irritations


With the arrival of the cold and the rain that gives us a good morning now every morning, it is necessary to dust off the heavy artillery.

And I don't just mean umbrellas and scarves, but also the reinforcements that sleep undisturbed in the bathroom drawers: our hydrating face masks.

We can think of face masks as a kind of restorative smoothie, a ginger shot to fight the autumn cold, but for the face.

Used in the morning or in the evening, on some areas or on the whole face, they are perfect to fight dehydration and the effect of the first colds, but they are above all a godsend to help against mask irritation, and the so-called mascne.

Here are some ideas, tried and tested for you on my face, not just around this time, but over the past few years!

  • Summer Fridays, Jet Lag Hydrating Mask

    This mask is perfect as a day mask, but also to keep all night, the even more beautiful thing is that it is also suitable for the eye contour, the moisturizing effect is visible and the skin also appears slightly plumped and very soft, which also makes it a great pre-make up mask! If you are looking for the perfect after-office / pre-evening treatment, this is the mask for you.

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  • Vichy, Aloe Vera Soothing Mask

Perfect for dry skin, but also for sensitized or dehydrated skin. This mask is very suitable for relieving the constant friction stress given by the mask. You can also find it in very convenient single doses!

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  • Avène, Soothing Hydrating Mask

    This mask is a cult in my routine, for years it has never been missing among my products. Perfect after sunbathing, after a particularly festive evening, and excellent for protecting and soothing the skin when the first colds arrive, a real passe par tout.

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  • Novexpert, Masque Repulp

    This mask has a hydrating and also plumping action, which makes it doubly interesting. It is excellent after swimming in the sea or in the pool, but also to rehydrate the skin in the colder seasons, and soothe redness and irritation. The texture is very pleasant, and is also recommended for the driest skin.

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  • Dr. Jart+, Ceramidin Face Mask

    This fabric mask has quickly entered the pink of my favorite masks. Excellent like all the products of the Ceramidin line, it helps restore hydration and visibly plumps up. If you were to try a single sheet mask this winter, I would recommend this one!

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