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Men and dancers, and don't turn up your nose!

Yes, if a few years ago no one would have dreamt of it, the union between the iconic classic footwear that harks back to Parisian romanticism and the man, a figure laden with taboos and often virilised, has become a reality


Balenciaga is credited with breaking through the massive wall of taboos that has been suffocating men for some time now. How? Through the S/S 2023 launch of ballet flats designed for the male audience; Leopold the model's name.

But are we sure that this marketing stunt is not a last-minute attempt to revive the brand and put it in the mouths of the most critical personalities in the fashion world and beyond?

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This, unfortunately, cannot be answered, but the public is clearly divided, as can be perceived, for example, from the Instagram comments under posts about this new trend taking off. Taking off because it is not yet a garment to which one can attribute any relevance due to its scarce diffusion (in fact, not many brands have proposed their own versions of the shoe). Soon, however, they will arrive and I am sure that many will change their minds, as they are wont to do by riding on trends, from the simplest to the most innovative and revolutionary!

Maison Margiela, for example, is one of the very few brands to have started to embrace this view. Presenting them with a square toe, it reconfirms its love for refined silhouettes and shapes.

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We just have to wait for the haute couture brands we are fond of to propose their versions for the public curious to try them out.



Illustration by Fabiola Graziosi - Acrimònia Studios