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A break during Milan Fashion Week at Uniqlo Milan

LifeWear Break is the Japanese giant's invitation to stop by during fashion week and we didn't let them tell us twice


We decided to kick off Milan Fashion Week by hanging out in opposite places, avoiding taking any means of transport as wisely indicated here, starting with “take a break” by Uniqlo. 

Paradoxical, isn't it? Starting with a pause sounds like a joke, but we couldn't have made a better choice.

When we arrived at the store opening, we were greeted by an inviting early morning buffet, forecasted to be moved inside due to the risk of rain typical of fashion week, and after chatting unrelated to the events, the real fun began.

We were handed the it bag of the moment and promised, known for its magical capacity, that any garment we managed to fit in would become our property: ready, set, go!

What did we take home (apart from the ability to roll anything?)?

@acrimoniastudios Sfida da @uniqloeurope a Milano #perte #neiperte #uniqlo #milano #itbag #shopping #sfida ♬ MADE IN ITALY - Rosa Chemical & Bdope


1 jeans baggy

1 loral midi skirt

1 striped shirt

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1 linen shirt

1 crop top  

1 down jacket 

1 trapeze dress 

Thank you Uniqlo Milan and Studio Re Media Relations!

Image Howen on Unsplash