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A festival that is good for the mind

Nike Well Collective Festival 2024 is the event promoted by the megabrand that focuses on wellbeing at 360 degrees


It earns first place in Europe, Italy. When it comes to stress, it has nothing to envy anyone. A survey on mental health and well-being conducted by Ipsos in 2023 shows that the peninsula, together with Japan, has the lowest percentage of people who are fully well. 

And the Milanese? 36% of city residents admit to feeling stressed ‘often’ (30%) to those who say they are stressed ‘regularly, almost every day’ (6%). It is the new research by UniSalute's Health Observatory that records the figure. Together with Nomisma - an independent company for sectoral and territorial studies, economic research, market intelligence, strategic advisory and consultancy - they questioned citizens on issues related to psychological health. 

Granted that one should not lump everything together and that wellbeing has many, many facets, there are some local events that seem to be designed to help the people of Milan in the practice of letting go. 

Among the many, the Italian Nike Well Collective Festival stands out. It is an event dedicated to the brand's vision of holistic fitness which has held 11th of May in the historic setting of the Castello Sforzesco in Milan. A day open to all, marked by fitness sessions, running, yoga, dance, indoor cycling and moments of connection and relaxation guided by trainers and coaches linked to the brand. The sports programme has been complemented by panels and meetings with athletes and Nike ambassadors.

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The event is based on a true philosophy, the pillars of which are five: movement, mindfulness, nutrition, rest and connection.

Special guests of honour has been the singer Gaia, the champions Federica Pellegrini, Arianna Errigo and creator Alessia Lanza: they have given a talk in which they shared their experience and perspective on the themes of the festival. 



Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios