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A concert-filled 2023 with a summer full of good music

All the names of the artists performing in Italy this summer


2023 looks like the year of music, and judging by the amount of concerts scheduled, it really is! The names of the artists who have already performed or will continue to perform this summer are many, many: well-known or more niche singers bringing their music to stadiums or festivals, theatres and intimate venues. National and international bands are making us sing, jump, dance.

They range from the nostalgic 883 with an audience of all ages, to reunions such as that of Paola and Chiara that also tinge the concerts of other big names with amarcord. Giorgia, our immense Giorgia, with her tour Blu Live confirms its grandeur. Among the youngest stands out Tananai who, like a modern poet, gently transports the crowd. There are also several international names, and how could we not immediately and with immense pride mention our very own Maneskin, who don't want to keep quiet and quiet and set fire to the stages of half the world.

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But also Madonna, the self-made woman who turns every concert into her own personal show, and then them, Gun's N Roses: there is really nothing to say about this band, in their live shows between a guitar reef and a scratchy verse of their lyrics it is impossible not to get the shivers. Absent, in Italy, She, the queen: unique, multifaceted, talented beyond belief. Beyoncè. The most ardent Italian fans will follow her to the European capitals, and for those who will not go, all they have to do is open their social networks to breathe in the excitement, the grandeur of her concerts or even events. And it is precisely social networks that make us spectators from home or reporters for an evening with videos documenting everything from waiting outside the gates, to entering the still-empty stadiums, to more or less long clips of performances where it really does seem as if we are there, breathing in that atmosphere. The power of social media is also this, sharing in its purest state that often entices you to get up and experience certain emotions.

The last few years have made us realise the value of music, which has held us up in the most difficult times, and now to return to savour it live, even better if at a concert, seems to us the most beautiful gift we can give ourselves. Feeling united even among strangers because we simply share a passion for an artist and are moved by singing their hits makes every concert a little magic. Smiling, being moved, remembering a love or hoping that that very song will be the soundtrack to something new and beautiful will make us raise our hands to the sky and our hearts beat faster.

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And if you still haven't decided which concert to go to, here are some of the names, in addition to those already mentioned, whose voices and music will warm up this summer of 2023 even more: Tiziano Ferro, Myss Keta, Vasco Rossi, Marco Mengoni, a single date for Motley Crue (Milan 20 June), Biagio Antonacci, One Republic, Pinguini Tattici Nucleari, Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band and many other national and international artists ready to give us unforgettable evenings.



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