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Dark circles are trendy now!

Draw dark circles under your eyes! Doing this seems crazy to you? Maybe it isn't


I don't know if you have noticed it too, but I have certainly noticed it. And I want to tell you in black and white: finally our time has come. After years and years of clumsy attempts to hide them, mitigate them, make them disappear, bury them under layers of makeup ... In the end we surrendered en masse to the evidence, and in the intergalactic year 2021 we can say that we have achieved total liberation, our eternals flurries have been karmically rewarded.

That's right, my dear vampire girls, my panda colleagues, who even as soon as you wake up and rest you have to endure the intrusive questions of friends and colleagues “Didn't you sleep tonight?”: I'm talking about you, healthy carriers of dark circles around your eyes.

If you missed it, I want to update you immediately: put that peach-colored concealer and that brush, the time to hide is now a thing of the past. I would like to write it big, for the sixteen year old me who would never have believed it possible: dark circles are trendy.

Didn't you know? Having them naturally is now an advantage, and for those who don't have them, well… don't despair: hundreds of Tik Tok and Reel on Instagram will show you how to get the look that at this point you are already trying to emulate.

Can we attribute this latest new appropriation to body-positivity? Is it perhaps the natural running out of trends that predict a perfect, shadow-free face, and the affirmation of its opposite trend? Or perhaps the awareness that there is no eye contour cream to eliminate dark circles (don't ask me anymore, there isn’t)?

The fact is that this trend exists, and shows us dozens of young women not only proudly wear their dark circles, but even emphasize them, or draw them from scratch on an already finished make-up.

As a person with an anemic tendency and with thin skin, dark circles have always been my faithful companions: a sort of family jewel, which we have been passing on for generations. To be fair, I have to admit that my relationship with dark circles has changed a lot over time.

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When I was younger, in high school and during university, I was obsessed with them: I did everything to cover them, I looked for miraculous eye creams, I was ashamed if someone pointed them out to me. Over time, growing up, I almost forgot that I have them, and today, although I know that they are there, I am no longer aware of them, I hardly see them anymore.

I would therefore like to dispense advice to those of you who have not been provided by Mother Nature with two beautiful dark crescents under the eyes. And so below we will see step by step how to achieve your hyper-realistic dark circles.

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Un post condiviso da Angela (@angeladegre)

The secret of perfect, persistent and impossible to cover dark circles, unless you arm yourself with a palette and the skills of a Renaissance painter, is a large percentage of brown: brown dark circles are perhaps the most difficult to contrast, because they contain many different colors and often a single makeup product is not enough to cover them. Do you wonder how I know? Take a guess!

Over the years I have discovered that for me the best make-up was to apply a very thin layer of concealer to even out and a nice blush in shades of red on the cheeks, to divert attention from dark circles and bring it to the rest of the face, with a nice boost of vitality. given by red. But not today! Today we are here for the opposite effect.

A nice brown cream pencil is then what we need, as the Tik Tokers show us: an eyeshadow stick or a brown concealer, or even a brown lipstick are perfect for the purpose.

Perhaps instead of brown you prefer shades of green and blue, which recall the veins that in the eighteenth century women at court used to draw on the face and neckline, to give the idea of ​​thin skin and extreme pallor, in case the trend of dark circles had seemed like a bad idea.

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So just arm yourself with a creamy eye shadow stick, or powder if you prefer, and apply it to the inner corner of the eye going down, the area where bluish dark circles normally concentrate.

So, whether we have them or that we don't have them, whether we want to design them or not, the beauty of this trend is that it wants to show us that everything is possible and everything is temporary: what we really don't like about us today, maybe in two years our favorite thing, or how it happened to me we will forget it.

What today we consider a defect, tomorrow could be our most appreciated quality. And that make-up can be a tool, whether ironic or not, to reflect on how our perceptions are not fixed over time, but grow, change and evolve with us.