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The Beauty Bulletin

News from the beauty world


The beauty market is certainly not one of those that stops to take a breath. There is always something cooking, an imminent launch, a new celebrity brand to discover, a new all-around ingredient, a brand that closes forever and a brand new one that takes its place.

Sometimes the news is so much that you get lost in a sea of ​​information. But fear not, we are here. Call me if you want the Lady Whistledown of beauty, I will not be offended. On the contrary ... Sit comfortably and tighten your fans, we will reveal the unmissable beauty coupons of the season. We will literally tell you about all the colors.

And it is precisely from the colors that we will begin.

Deciem, the mother brand of The Ordinary has added a product to its line of “decorative cosmetics”, or makeup. Together with the two foundations, the Serum Foundation and the Coverage Foundation, already present in the range, it is now also possible to find the new Concealer.

For sure you have already seen it peeking out from some beauty influencer or youtuber. This product also has a vegan and cruelty free formula. The formula is super pigmented, with high coverage and is suitable for both discoloration and imperfections. The finish is natural. It is available in 21 shades.

And if the concealer is not enough to hide the evidence of yet another rewatch of Una Mamma Per Amica until 3 in the morning, Rihanna comes to our rescue with the latest addition to the FENTY SKIN line: Flash Nap Instant Reset Revival Eye Gel Cream .

The new eye contour from FENTY promises to instantly illuminate, decongest and relax the eye contour. To give a further boost to microcirculation, you can also buy the mini massager online, an applicator with a small metal roller at the end, which massages the eye contour helping to drain the liquids that contribute to swelling, and to awaken the eyes.

We continue with skincare, with the latest launch of Ole Henriksen, the Lemonade Smoothing Scrub. A scrub literally inspired by the refreshing and invigorating sensation of a lemonade.

This product performs a double exfoliating action: both mechanical, thanks to its texture with microgranules, and chemical, thanks to the presence of alpha hydroxy acids, which help skin renewal and work on the texture of the skin, dark spots and fine lines of expression, if you have decided that you don't like them. The perfect product to accompany us towards spring and summer!


For K-Beauty fans, we close with a flourish with Laneige. Super known for their now cult lip mask, Laneige has a line of skincare products for every need. The new Cleansing Milk-Oil is the latest addition to the Cream Skin line, and is an oily cleanser perfect for dissolving makeup and SPF, as the first cleansing step.

Also new is the Cica Sleeping Mask, a soothing and repairing mask with a light and creamy texture. Perfect for soothing and moisturizing sensitive or reactive skin, thanks to ingredients with a high regenerating power. Last but not least, the new Radian-C moisturizer. A moisturizing formula that aims to minimize irritation, hyperpigmentation spots and blemishes, working on blue light damage. Contains a special blend of vitamins C, E and antioxidant ingredients, to help even the complexion and stimulate cell regeneration.




Image: The Ordinary - LANEIGE - FENTY SKIN - OLEHENRIKSEN Press Office