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In the footsteps of Biohacker: 5 things to see in Freiburg in Breisgau

Discover Freiburg through the Netflix series Biohacker


One of the recent series offered by Netflix, I cannot say if it is the best of the moment, is entitled Biohacker and tells of “a medical student must unmask a conspiracy linking a family tragedy and a biology professor”. The events of the series take place mostly in a German city, Freiburg im Breisgau, to which, however, the two seasons of Biohacker do not entirely do justice.

Perhaps so as not to divert the viewers' attention from the intricate and singular lives of the protagonists, the direction does not linger too much on the attractions of this university town, which is located practically on the border with France and not far from the Rhine River, which flows placidly and enormously, carrying truly gigantic boats.

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Freiburg, we said, is not extolled enough by Biohacker. Here, then, are five things in the city worth seeing. One of them, in fact, the University Library (Universitätsbibliothek), recurs rather often even though it is referred to as the seat of a medical-scientific faculty. It is a building with very modern architecture, which stands out among the historical buildings in the centre, reflecting its facades with its large mirrored windows.

Turning to the classic, the city cathedral is worth a visit: 750 years old, it boasts the Angelus bell, which weighs three tonnes and is one of the oldest in Germany. It takes 333 steps to reach it and a lot of effort to enjoy the view of the city and the 91 gargoyles that adorn the roof.

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One of the absolute peculiarities of Freiburg are the small canals, known as Bächle, which characterise the entire old part. They are fed by the waters of the Dreisam river and were once used to transport drinking water. Today, they are used by tourists for stumbling around, but especially by children to navigate the little boats sold by the souvenir stalls. Stalls abound in the Market Square, where you can find excellent local foods and fresh raw materials to reproduce them once back home.

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By contrast, the exhibits in the Augustinermuseum cannot be taken away. The museum, housed in the former convent and church of the Augustinian hermits, exhibits a historical and artistic collection ranging from the Middle Ages to the Baroque era and is considered one of the most prestigious museums in southern Germany.

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