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Stylist, not one to save the world

At least this is what is repeated every day to avoid panic attacks


For many years now he has been wondering if she had done better to follow in her father’s footsteps, take over the dental practice in the Marche and not move to Milan. On the other hand, however, fashion has always been her passion and, at the end of the day, she thinks that what he does was an inevitable fate

In adolescence she went through several stages. She was Emo, she was posh and then discovered at the Ann Demeulemeester at university. Since then she has always been black. During her high school years she has never felt adequate. He loved to draw but the object of his art, fashion, was always considered too futile and devoid of political significance by his classmates.

At the same time, the choice of a private university confronted her with peers who knew so much about shopping and little about fashion. It’s a bust, too. Shy, however, she began to emerge from the dark pantones of the garments wearing a sensitive soul and a particularly aesthetical eye

Full of hopes at the day of the thesis was already seen as the visionary signature of the editorials of Interview and the first placements on the set seemed a dream. But you know, daydreaming is almost impossible unless you suffer from lagophthalmos (pathology of sleeping with your eyes open). And then bam!  sent by his boss with a name already established and quite tyrant here and there in Milan to pick up leaders.

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Here the role of the PR is fundamental: it must always be ready to give the stressed young stylist a few minutes stop on a sumptuous designer sofa, offer her a coffee, let her vent with respect to the harassment received and then... load her with garments

The young stylist could be a perfect competitor of Takeshi’s Castle, so adept at juggling between metro, tram and rental cars holding a myriad of bags full of clothes, 3 phones, the Iqos and the only thing that has time to eat during his days: a pack of Vigorsol.

An ambitious dream, present in the nights of many, too many. The assistant stylist is looking forward to becoming a senior and promises continually that he will not pass to her future subjects the pains of hell that are making her pass. She still doesn’t know that’s a fate she can’t escape.

Besides the PR there are other important allies for the stylist, going by order: the remote psychotherapist, her gay friend and the spirit of Vivienne Westwood. When during a nervous breakdown one of the 3 helpers does not respond (especially one for obvious reasons) repeats 3 or 4 times the mantra par excellence in the fashion world: "I am only clothes, I am not saving the world".



Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios