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Ladies and gentlemen, here's another eyebrow trend!

If you've never tried soap brows, now is the time to do it!


Ahh eyebrows, our cross and delight, there is no product that hasn't been launched in the last 5-6 years, luck for us, giving us a thousand options and a thousand different variations for one result: instagram-proof eyebrows.

Over the years, as always, fashions chase each other, but for some time now a single principle remains consistent: when it comes to eyebrows, the more, the better! Let's forget about those tweezers and rather find a way to make them grow back thicker and longer than ever, with serums, strengthening products or plain castor oil. Everything, as long as it works.

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The one with one's eyebrows is a real training path, and goes hand in hand with knowing one's face, with learning a man hand to observe himself, to understand his expressions. It is not always easy and immediate to find the right product for us, which adapt to our needs and the result we want to achieve. There are eyebrow products of every type and consistency.

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But if the story as we know is cyclical, so is the makeup, and for some time in fact another trend has been making its way that this time offers us an old and well-tested method to make up eyebrows by makeup artists all over the world: we're talking about soap brows.

If you have never heard of it, then welcome, take a seat, here you will find everything you need to know. As the word itself says, this trend consists of fixing and combing the eyebrows with soap. But in what sense, how can it work, we hear you say. We don't know how, but what is certain is that the result is surprising, even more so if we think about how cheap it is to make it!

In short, it's worth a try. Here's how: all we'll need is a pipe cleaner and a bar of soap, preferably white or colorless. This is because once wet, the soap may transfer some color to the skin.

Let's now proceed to moisten the brush with water or face spray, and let's rub it on the soap, trying to saturate the brush with soap. Once this is done, we unload the brush slightly and proceed by combing our eyebrows upwards, making a couple of passes.

We will notice that our brows will become more and more combed, shiny, and easier to manage.

At this point, if we have done everything correctly, our eyebrows will be well fixed, and we will have room to work them with the brush to give the arch the shape we prefer. We can opt for a more “bushy” look, leaving the tips upwards, or we can choose a more “clean" shape, combing the tips at the top with the brush.

Once the process is finished, if necessary, we can go and fill any holes with our usual product, powder, pencil or marker, and the effect we will have obtained will be almost laminated eyebrows!

As with all things in life, you have to get carried away. But who knows, maybe it's worth trying now, to be already a pro when we can finally go back to look closely and go out at night!