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Sciura is better

Who wants curly hair, has them straight and vice versa. So it works for panties and girls have only one desire: to be a sciura.


Sciura is who the sciura does and perhaps this is due to the great success of the Instagram account @sciuraglam. La sciura lives between the newsstand, the Bar Basso and rotating one of the historic Milanese trattorias. 

He loves to wear furs, dye his nails in lacquered red and put on his fingers all his gold rings bought and received in times when the economy was really spinning and installment payments were certainly not a fashion. 

Perhaps this is why the younger ones have been posing for some years now as sciure, at least in the look, dreaming is relaxing. 

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Un post condiviso da Acrimònia Studios (@acrimoniastudios)

The team of Acrimònia, who is never exempt from anything, tried together with Sloggi to reinterpret the Granny Pants with some looks.

Everything else is history.



Illustration and artwork by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios