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Roger Federer and JW ANDERSON: the new LifeWear collection by UNIQLO

Tennis legend Roger Federer and designer JW ANDERSON join forces to create a versatile collection that fuses classic with modern in sportswear


UNIQLO announces the launch of the new Roger Federer by JW ANDERSON collection, a unique collaboration between UNIQLO Global Brand Ambassador Roger Federer and renowned British designer JW ANDERSON. 

This innovative capsule represents a fusion of the tennis player's classic style and the designer's modern and vibrant vision for high performance sportswear.

“We are absolutely thrilled to launch our new collection jointly designed by Roger Federer and JW ANDERSON. A new style of LifeWear created by combining the unique talents of a tennis legend and a fashion leader”, said Koji Yanai, Fast Retailing Senior Executive Officer and Head of UNIQLO Global Marketing.

Roger Federer commented: “I have always wanted to have a collection that is perfect for playing tennis but also versatile for other parts of daily life..”

Discover how this collection redefines lifestyle, offering comfort and versatility for those who lead active and dynamic lives, seamlessly between sport and everyday life.



Photos UNIQLO Press Office