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Rabanne Makeup Collection: a beauty revolution for the new generation

A new era of bold, sustainable beauty with the first Rabanne Makeup Collection


For almost six decades, Rabanne has been a pioneering force in the fashion and fragrance industry. This brand, known for its avant-garde creations and bold fragrances, continues to challenge conventions and push the boundaries of radical self-expression. It is synonymous with disruption, empowerment and innovation.

Now, Rabanne goes one step further by opening a new era in the world of beauty with the launch of the first Makeup Collection.

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High performance formulas, combined with an extraordinary range of colours, inspired by fashion fabrics, offer luminous, matt, glossy and metallic finishes, all drawn from Rabanne's iconic codes. Each formula is vegan and reflects Rabanne's commitment to long-term sustainability.

Inspired by iconic metal details and kinetic silhouettes, the Rabanne Makeup line is presented in stunning packaging, available in shiny gold, metallic silver and mirrored. Each piece, influenced by Parisian style, shines like an accessory to be carried anywhere and treasured. From the Rouge Rabanne lipstick collection to the bold palettes of the Eyephoria universe and the Arts Factory products, the innovative design draws on the codes, symbols and icons of the catwalk.

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Discover this beauty revolution exclusively at Sephora and on and embrace a new era of self-expression and empowerment with Rabanne Makeup Collection.


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