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How much does it cost to go to Paris for a weekend during the Olympics?

July has now begun and so has the countdown to the start of the races. But have you booked accommodation in time?


The Paris Olympics will officially begin on Friday, July 26. But we warned you about this in good time. Sports fans who want to enjoy the spectacle squared in a city of extraordinary charm, moreover beautified and refurbished for the event, will have moved in good time and will already have tickets, reservations and detailed travel plans in their pockets. Remember to delete from the aforementioned program the bathing in the Seine, since the operation to clean up the water apparently did not go perfectly well.

For everyone else, for those who just want to take a tour of Paris, breathe in the air and the news of the Olympics, admire some champions from afar and maybe buy a ticket at the last minute (probably spending a smash of money) there remains the problem of finding comfortable and not overly expensive accommodation in the French capital.

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Would you like to sleep in a lovely apartment with panoramic views over the rooftops of Paris, an elevator, convenient access to the subway, and ample and adequate space to fully enjoy your French stay? I imagine so. But at this point it will be virtually impossible to find such solutions without investing one or more salaries.

Still, let's see what the market offers for a couple of nights in the Ville Lumiere towards the end of July. Browsing through Airbnb's proposals for the weekend of July 26-28, we find, apart from a "studio apartment in the middle of the swamp" (which may have fallen victim to a translation error), some interesting solutions. With 300 euros total or so one can still find small but cozy apartments full of character, within walking distance of the city center. And going up to about 800 euros, one can find rather refined solutions.

Instead, Booking informs us that during that period 79% of the accommodations are already booked and therefore no longer available. Nevertheless, we see that the most centrally located solutions with the most positive guest ratings travel between 400 and 550 euros for the period July 26/28. But with only 2,000 euros, one can treat oneself to sleeping in an apartment located on the Seine, or rather on Saint Louis Island, with an enviable view of Notre Dame.

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However, if you love nature, want to keep some distance from the chaotic streets of downtown, appreciate the intimacy and romance of camping and evenings on the veranda, the Paris Est campground has double bungalows with a terrace and parking. But the cost, paradoxically, grows along with the distance from the center, reaching 670 euros.

Considering that to these cold figures must then be added transportation costs, food subsistence costs, cocktails, aperitifs on the banks of the Seine and possible tickets to sporting events. We had better equip ourselves with a sturdy calculator and carefully evaluate the budget to be devoted to these Olympics and the economic growth of Marine Le Pen's country. Or maybe not anymore.

A budget that in any case could be accrued, to face this sports vacation with a light heart, even using a flexible payment method such as Klarna.


Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios