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What to expect from the Paris 2024 Olympics

After 100 years, Paris returns to host the world's most important sporting event. The Games of the XXXIII Olympiad are being actualized, bringing with them several new features


It is just over a month until the Olympics, which will be held in Paris from Friday, July 26th, to Sunday, Aug. 11st. 

The city has been buzzing for some time, and there have been many improvements made by institutions to prepare the Ville Lumière for the event. For Paris, in fact, the celebration is double, as it was precisely 100 years ago that it hosted the Olympic Games. It is therefore to all intents and purposes an important anniversary. 

The 2024 Olympics have been structured in such a way as to follow the flows of society, respecting trends and new habits adopted (more or less) by the whole planet for the past few years. 

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So what are all the new features of the Paris Olympics?


Sustainability was an impossible piece to miss. Indeed, these will be the first low-carbon Olympic Games, renewable energy will be used, and the use of recycled materials will be promoted. 

There will also be a Green Olympic Village, designed with sustainable criteria, which will include low-energy buildings and large green spaces.

Even in what concerns the construction of the infrastructure aimed at hosting the competitions there has been underlying thought aimed at reuse: everything created will have new life after the event. 

Inclusiveness and gender equality

Equal numbers of female and male athletes are expected to participate in all sports. In addition, for female athletes who are mothers, as Arianna Errigo, fencer and Italian flag-bearer, stated during a Nike wellness event in Milan, nurseries are provided to reconcile competition with the care of young children. 

Like every Olympics, the event will be followed by a Paralympics, in which athletes with disabilities will compete. The dates for this edition are August 29 to September 8. The intention is to create more integration between Olympics and Paralympics by giving Paralympic athletes the same space and visibility

Also very interesting is Nike's support for the Olympic Refuge Foundation. In fact, the brand has decided to donate uniforms to the Olympic refugee team, also hiring boxer Cindy Ngamba as the team's first athlete.


Admission tickets will be digital-only to ensure greater security, and performance will be analyzed and measured through an advanced technological system. In addition, the promise is to improve the viewing experience for the public. 

The new sports

Also new are the new disciplines in the competition. In fact, sports such as breakdancing, skateboarding, sport climbing and surfing are joining the Olympic Games. The latter will find its way to Tahiti, an island in French Polynesia.

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Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios

Photo Nike Press Office