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There’s no challenge you can’t win with Super Mario and Casio G-SHOCK

Ready to dive into a video game?


We are in 2022 but vibe’s 80s remain dominant in the aesthetics of each of us. It is no coincidence that we define those 10 years in which the wide-shoulder jackets and video games from distant worlds made everyone feel like the righteous "mythical". 

In order not to make us feel too nostalgic, Casio G-SHOCK has recently launched a collaboration with Super Mario, a hero who has been a part of children’s childhood for generations.

Bold colors, representative of the courage of the two Japanese giants and a design that winks at the gamer world, become an irresistible mix for young and old. 

After all, who doesn’t need to dream? 

The proposed model is the iconic DW-5600, activating the backlight the figure of Mario appears along with Koopa, the shell at the bottom of the dial, so as to realistically reproduce the atmosphere of the game. 


Images: Casio Press Office