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The music festival in Annone Brianza reaches its 10th edition and aims for the best possible quality experience. This morning we participated in the press preview with Alberto Fumagalli, CEO of the event: "For this edition we aimed at improved services, not numbers."


June 12nd, Annone Brianza, big rainy days behind us, flooded lawns, 4 stages almost completely under construction and a great desire to put on one of the most anticipated musical shows of the season.

This is how Alberto Fumagalli, CEO and founder of NAMELESS FESTIVAL, welcomes us. Alberto is excited and charged up, ready to talk to press and radio to give as much information as possible about the tenth edition of the three-day concert. 

"2023 was a year that generally allowed music to make big numbers, which is precisely why I decided with my team for 2024 that I would not chase the biggest stage possible, but the best stage possible."

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Quality seems to be the watchword this year, and the various local and Lombardy governments present at the conference also agree and are proud to have contributed to the creation of a festival where kids can have fun in total safety. Coming from all parts of Lombardy.

A path and a partnership that Alberto Fumagalli has earned over the years, "It seems like only yesterday the summer of 2019 when I was going to pester the municipality of Annone to ask if they saw fit to move the festival to this location."

Like any well-structured project with stubbornness, production capacity and desire to grow, NAMELESS also bears great fruit and proposes innovation. 

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First among them? The abolition of the damn tokens that are so fashionable at concerts. This year's partnership with Crédit Agricole proposes an event under the banner of less (less). Cashless, then. One can use the services only electronically, contactless because of the devices made available and cordless thanks to the terminal equipment made available. 

The other? Free water for anyone who wants to fill their water bottle. Fumagalli expects to reduce the environmental impact generated by the purchase of plastic bottles by tens of thousands. 

And that's not all: the stages increase by one thanks to Redbull becoming 4 in total. 

The lineup? 

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See you at NAMELESS!



lllustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios