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Beach trends: who lead this summer

Beyond the MFW, the real catwalk is on the italian coastline


Style has no age, bad taste does not either. If the thought already goes to the formation of the winter wardrobe but still with toes dipped in sand, let's stop for a moment to think about the trends that have marked the beaches this season.

Particular attention, precisely because of the age premise, should be given to the somewhat more agée population, who, albeit less emphatically than a lusty and very young tiktoker, to stop dictating beach fashion just doesn't think about it.

Strolling along the shore, with the intent to digest the eighteen eaten Ferragosto lunches (out of topic: the one who made up the story that in summer we eat less was perhaps overdosing on food on August 15) one sees some good things.

There is the lady who the class of the one-piece bathing suit does not give up. Generally it is black, she also proudly wears a beautiful head of white hats, and the elegance of her features is hard to ignore.

Her enriched version, on the other hand, dyes her hair platinum, because aging is forbidden (perhaps she also keeps spray dye in her purse, should she notice slight regrowth in the cabin mirror). Her enriched version also has a one-piece bathing suit, but instead of black, she prefers a pattern, why not, animalier. Her nails are lacquered red, and the Golden Cartierino even at the beach must be shown.

Bikini what a passion: no, not only young girls can wear it. Even the third age often resorts to this garment that, after all, she designed and wears it proudly. In this case, too, one can see some good things.

We have the creative one who makes the split her philosophy of life, her beach look is an amazing melting pot of colors and influences. There's the one who turns out cool at the end of the day and is copied by her granddaughters and the one who looks like she came out of a closet-shaped blender, but on the other hand who cares.

Then there is the hardliner, the one who not only obviously doesn't break, but also has the matching flip-flops, sarong and handbag. Usually she is a woman who likes to plan and have everything under control. She has had three husbands, has a few grandchildren by marriage, has quarreled with all her umbrella neighbors, and secretly wishes everyone would go on vacation to the mountains. Control of what!

A medal of honor surely deserves one of the most iconic figures on Italian beaches: the switchboard operator. The switchboard operator is that figure who at the beach does not want to lose contact with her friends and relatives in town and is therefore constantly on the phone.

She strolls along the shoreline and it is whispered that by now she has the calves of Tomba, her iPhone is always on her ear, and her key accessory is her hat, no matter what costume she wears.

Strongly characteristic is the #couplegoals. If on IG we are used to reading the hashtag as an accompaniment to couples' fitness videos or pictures of amazing honeymoon trips, on the coast it acquires a whole other meaning. The #couplegoals at the beach (and for boomers) are the long talks on the shore. Nothing about their looks is matched though; they have been together for 50 years.

One last plaudit should be dedicated to the man, who is too often under-considered in the look context. The man functions exactly like the woman, same stereotypes with one difference: never take away the Super Liquidator stolen from the grandson. 

The best thing? When all these mythological figures make friends and we witness a unique, all-summer, social experiment.



Images by Fabiola Graziosi - Acrimònia Studios