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Milan: praised is the friend PR

For those of you who don’t have it yet, you’d better find it now.


The Milanese PR is always on the phone and his tone of voice is, by now, so permeated with professionalism that it is practically impossible to understand if he is talking to a customer or his mother.

It is the organization, or the apparent organization, the key to her dialectics. There is no aperitif, grocery shopping or cake preparation that does not have to follow a precise schedule. 

She’s an important asset in his group of friends. She is teased because she is always anxious that something can go wrong, or because after 12 hours of work in the magical world of fashion seems to give weight only to frivolities.

Actually, as we said before, for them it is a great resource because without her you would not be able to choose a restaurant for dinner or organize a holiday.

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The challenge of the Milanese PR is to get to know everyone and also make useful trips outside of working hours. She’s always trying to be friendly with celebrities she meets for work, so tag after tag, try to earn some community. She’s PR, but her dream was to be an influencer.

The most radical version of this character tries to get in touch with everyone, but she hates to do it and, as soon as some real friend comes to the press day he has no qualms to say in tones not low: "Finally you have arrived, there are too many assholes in this room". Paradoxically this bluntness is the main reason why his contract is kept alive. 

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Un post condiviso da Milano Fashion Week (@milanfashionweek)

The greatest resource of the Milanese PR is the stylist friend. They did the IED together and today they can not stand each other so much but, they can do each other favors and then the smiles and Instagram stories for the birthday bow. If the performance evaluation kpi are the press releases, it will be enough to pick up the phone and say: "Amiiii, let me out the jacket on Vogue please!"

The stylist friend will say yes, in exchange for the coat and something else as a gift. So you too can try to break through on social media as the new Anna dello Russo even if Fashion Shower is already one and you should ride new horizons. 

The Milanese PR in general can be a very fake character, a beautiful Green Serpe. She is the one who can smile at the reception of an event and then go to speak badly to her colleagues.

The Milanese PR friend, on the other hand, is the one who will always speak well of you and who without realizing it works by acting like the best person or project in the world with pleasure and outside working hours. As always, for her, it’s about connection.



Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios