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Milan at 30: either you're holistic, or you're out

Why is it necessary to turn to mysticism once you reach the third decade?


In the city of illusions, oops, opportunities, turning 30 is not a simple matter. The discussion here isn't about reducing it to wrinkles. Plus or minus signs, nobody pays attention to that. The issue is much broader, but certainly less profound.

Reaching adulthood without an adequate wallet can certainly create insecurities, fears, or even worse, anxieties. So, there are those who, out of necessity or virtue, decide to live in parallel realities. Days filled with mantras, dancing around a designer table in a rented apartment on Via Solferino, and raw vegan food.

Everyone has a holistic friend (even those who work at Ernst & Young). Life has presented so many options that, in the end, just like facing a menu that's too rich, you never know what to choose. It so happens that she always chose margherita pizza, to not exert too much effort, until she discovered she was celiac, lactose intolerant, and strongly irritated by tomatoes.

At 30, after leaving everything behind, she enrolled in a reflexology course and practices every evening by treating her friends' feet: "I sense that your liver is irritated, have you had traumas related to your relationship with your father at the age of 5?".

With the room filled with candles (she can't afford a studio apartment just yet), she massages toes and fingers, identifying deep-seated sources of discomfort that would leave Vanna Marchi baffled. However, the holistic friend lacks a sense of business. Instead of asking for payment for the session, she asks for hummus for dinner.

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Over the years in Milan, she has certainly met a Cecilia or Ludovica during yoga classes, born and raised in Porta Venezia. At 30, they both left everything behind. Working in her dad's law office was too constricting for Ludovica, and her passion for tarot took over. Ludovica charges for her astral readings. After all, it always rains on the lucky ones.

Both of them buy fruits and vegetables at the market, one on a used bike and the other on a Rossignoli. They never miss the MiVeg festival every year and declare they don't want children: "Only a mad person would bring a child into today's society".

The latest frontier of these little Milanese witches, as they like to call themselves, is undoubtedly Manifesting. It's a practice related to the law of attraction and intersects with neuroscience. Because of this, the authorization to manage their lives based on this philosophy is entirely legitimate. If neuroscience says so!

So, if at 30 in Milan, you solely rely on reality, it means you're either a strict analyst or you're out of the loop.



Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios