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News from the beauty world

Skincare, make-up and haircare


Welcome back to a new episode of TBB - The Beauty Bulletin, in which we review everything you need to know about the latest beauty-themed releases. It will be like going out together to look at the windows, to try the testers on the hand, to smell the novelties in perfumery while sipping a bubble tea, only this time without bubble tea and without testers to try, because these are the times.

But while waiting to return to our good old habits, take a (virtual) tour with us, we will guide you through the sea of ​​products and new launches, which are not lacking in these parts. Because bad guys never sleep, but even beauty brands don't joke!

Let's start right away and go in order. This time we start from the top, that is from the hair and we present the new launch of the milk-shake haircare line, which offers us a new range dedicated to nourishment, protection and brightness: integrity is born, rich in plant extracts but scientifically conceived, with super concentrated formulas enriched with organic muru muru butter. If what you are looking for is repair, deep nourishment and rebuilding, then look no further, you have a new ally on your side.

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Let's now move on to skincare, and let's start from the first treatment step: the face serum. The functional cosmetics brand MIAMO launches a new serum that promises to preserve skin tone and help us fight oxidation and skin aging. Collagen Boost Intense Serum is a serum-filler with a plumping and firming effect, which works on the collagen reserves of our skin, helping us to preserve them. As we know, in fact, with the passage of time our body produces less and less collagen, so it is essential to protect it, to keep our skin toned and healthy.

For those of you who own a FOREO Ufo, or are considering buying it, know that the brand's collection of masks has just expanded: welcome the brand new Cannabis Seed Oil Mask, a pamper for dull, stressed or sensitized skin, from use with the special FOREO Ufo, a device designed for smart masking, which allows you to make a mask in 90 seconds, using Hyper-infusion technology and T-sonic pulsations. In short, a real concentrate of technology, ideal for those who have little time available and want to get the most out of it.

After the skincare treatments, it's time for sunscreen. And who better than DARLING knows how to protect their skin in the sun? Now you can buy their products in the High Protection Kit, for true SPF fanatics. In the kit you will find their famous body sunscreen with SPF 30-50, a Tan Activator, or a melanin activator that can be used on the face and body, and the Glowy Face Cream SPF 50+, a perfect face sunscreen for everyone. days in the city, which hydrates and protects at the same time, with a guaranteed luminous effect.

Here we are finally ready for make-up, and for a makeup that lasts many hours and stays in place, even with the mask, we can opt for a waterproof alternative. Fortunately KORFF comes to our aid by offering us a whole range of waterproof products, starting with the Neverending long-lasting foundation, and his trusty companion, the Neverending concealer, for a flawless base that keeps the skin hydrated, thanks to the addition of hyaluronic acid and vitamin E.

To complete the look, we just have a nice coat of Waterglam Waterproof Mascara, with a volumizing and intensifying action, with the addition of beeswax and a derivative of linseed oil, to help strengthen the lashes while wearing it. 

Completed skincare, make-up and hair, we are now ready.

To go where I don't know, but in the meantime, let's get ready!



Image: milk_shake, MIAMO, FOREO, DARLING and KORFF Press Office