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Love exists as long as there is care

How a media divorce can make you think


Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi, a great love started with a “you are unique” and ended with a “where are my Rolexes?”. 

Since first the rumors and then the official news of the separation of Roman darlings took a position on covers and entire pages of gossip newspapers, no one has yet made a reason for what happened

The Romans (and Romanists) incurable romantic by nature have passed different emotional stages in learning the news: from disappointment, no one would have expected it from such an iconic couple and apparently consolidated, the desire for information arising from the many intrinsic loopholes in the separation itself.

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The last trial, which took place on Friday, November 11 at the Roman court in Viale Giulio Cesare, was summed up in a meeting between the two, accompanied by their respective lawyers, with respect to the famous issue designer handbags and Rolex.

No specific news about the outcome was leaked and Totti and Blasi did not make any statement about the media. But the real question is, are we really talking about bags and watches?

It will be banal, sentimental and so on, but these arguments have nothing to do with love. Not even with love coming to an end. Really two people who loved each other, who built a family, who made millions of people dream of ending a relationship by talking about this?

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Success is a double-edged sword, especially when you come from nothing. You have to know how to face it and the arrival of life’s much desired occasion is not good for everyone. It can blur the real priorities, it can blur what really matters, and it can cloud even the people you’ve always been close to.

The term of a marriage in general should never end unworthily. The extinguishing of a love is part of love itself and the cure of a crisis situation determines a cure for oneself. The feeling ends, but his memory should remain positive beyond time. 

Handbags and Rolex should not remain the last (or last) issue to be discussed, to be agreed upon. Some say that even this kind of news is convenient to the fame of the couple, but the “as long as you talk about it”  is not in all cases the winning weapon.

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The company of the bonds that make headlines has managed to make the owner of a couple considered invincible, timeless and incorruptible. The Giallorossi captain is one who has refused non-religible contracts for the love of the shirt. That made him unrealistically magical. 

But even the myths are human and perhaps after the disappointment Romans and Romanists should accept that even captains can sometimes lose their way.


Photo by gaspar zaldo on Unsplash