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Body skincare and a collectible palette

The latest beauty news


This episode of Beauty News is pretty rich: summer is approaching, spring collections are all coming out ... in short, as you may have guessed, the launches follow one another relentlessly. And so you don't miss out on the juiciest, we've packed them all together here for you.

Imagine me as a QVC presenter, with my perfect manicure, fresh hairstylist style, flawless makeup, all of which are only in my dreams right now. Grab a nice herbal tea, beach yourself on the sofa, remote control in hand and let's get started!

KVD XO Lip Gloss

The new KVD Beauty, formerly Kat Von D beauty, has undergone a real revamping of the brand, and launched new products that immediately went viral on Tik Tok, such as the much desired and almost impossible to find Good Apple Foundation Balm. But today we are here to welcome the new Lip gloss XO.

Super bright, pigmented and with an elastic formula, in 7 new shades with a vegan formula. The edgy and goth-flavored graphics and packaging are dedicated to the art of make-up and want to tell the free artistic expression, whose new acronym KVD now represents Kara, Veritas, Decora, three Latin words translated by the brand into English with Value , Truth, Beauty.

Recommended price: € 19.90



Zago x Pinalli VIP Box

For this new edition of the VIP Box, Pinalli collaborates with the "undermakeup" skincare brand Zago Milano and with the new 24 Bottles brand, MamaWata, and launches a new box entirely dedicated to hydration.

The products in the box are the Restoring Face Toner, the Bella Pronta moisturizing primer and the Re-Hydrating Cream by Zago Milano, together with a pink thermal bottle MamaWata, resistant and very light! The box will be on sale exclusively in Pinalli Perfumeries until May 16 at a cost of € 39

Pixi Beauty Rose Bodytreats

A skincare for the skin of the body? It makes perfect sense! Today Pixi offers us a line of bodycare products dedicated to cleansing, hydration and nourishment of our skin.

The products are part of the Pixi Bodytreats Rose line, all based on rosehip oil, lavender oil and other ingredients of natural origin. In line we find the Rose Body Cleanser, the Rose Body Polish and the Rose Body Balm, which exploit the antioxidant and nourishing properties of the rose. If the scent of roses is your favorite, you can't miss it!

Kora Organics

There are two new skincare products launched by Kora Organics, the brand of the Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr, the first is Milky Mushroom Gentle Cleansing Oil, a biphasic cleansing oil that in contact with water transforms into a creamy milk capable of removing make-up and excess sebum.

The formula is rich in natural ingredients and is further enriched with clear quartz, which would have the power to bring calm, harmony and positivity, giving further energy to the formula.

The second product is Turmeric Glow Moisturizer, a moisturizing and nourishing cream that aims to work on the evenness of the complexion and on hyperpigmentation spots and expression lines. Certified organic turmeric extract, rosehip oil and desert date are just some of the ingredients present in the formula, in a decidedly luxurious and refillable package!


Natasha Denona Palette

If eye makeup is your field, if you are a collector of limited editions and if the colors do not scare you, but rather enhance your creativity, then the latest launch of Natasha Denona could be for you.

The line of the always desired (and expensive) Natasha Denona palettes is enriched with a new arrival, after the Palette Circo Loco, comes the brand new Palette Zendo, a perfect mix of warm tones, with unexpected twists of cold pink and turquoise, 15 new colors with a creamy and blendable texture typical of the brand.

The history of the colors of this palette is inspired by the balance between the elements, where metallic colors meet the warm and natural tones of wood and nature meets the modernity of minimal architecture.

Recommended price: 65 €




Image: KVD, Zago x Pinalli, Pixi Beauty, Kora Organics, Natasha Denona Press Office