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The Spring of Ireland

The end of winter on the Emerald Island opens the door to the tourist season and also to perspectives of national unity quite unprecedented.


The island of fifty shades of green for politics, history and diplomacy is divided into two entities, the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. For geography and for those who do not love borders it is only Ireland, the one that evokes blue skies, when there are not too many clouds to hide them, almost painted meadows, cliffs overlooking a stormy sea. Net of clichés, yellowed postcards and retouched images, the emerged lands facing the west coast of England reserve a series of treasures that go beyond the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow (and the goblins that guard it).

In fact, a little history will be necessary to revise it, if only to decide which airport and in which state you want to disembark. Because it is true that it is only one island, but it is not a "simple" island. In this melting pot of complexity a part of the territory is a sovereign state, with Dublin capital, where Oscar Wilde and Guinness beer were born. Another part is an extension of the United Kingdom on which the red, white and blue flag flies. Its capital is Belfast, from whose port the transatlantic Titanic sailed in 1912. 

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Dublin and Belfast, Guinness and Titanic. Harps that sound and wind that animates a sea of grass on top of millennial cliffs. Too many calls to stop at the borders that men wanted to create and that perhaps soon will finally be overcome. And so, to discover Spring in and Ireland first of all you have to choose where to stop and check what documents are needed to cross the border. In fact, if for Dublin it is enough to carry a valid identity card for expatriation (in case the passport procedures have become too long) the landing in Belfast requires a valid and well-preserved passport. In monetary terms, too, some caution will be needed, as Dublin is ready to entice you into compulsive shopping in euros while Belfast awaits you with sterling price tags. A tour of the Emerald Island that wants to mock the borders must therefore include two documents and two types of currency.

Fans of the Game of Thrones will find it rewarding to start discovering these territories from the North, with the magical forests just outside Newcastle and the Linen Mills Studios in Banbridge, then continue with the ruins of Inch Abbey near Downpatrick. With the ancestral home of Castle Ward and the ancient waters of Lough Neagh and Toome Canal, surrounded by woods, swamps and lush wildlife

As you approach the border, you should stop in Londonderry (Derry) to see its fortifications, museums and even its breweries and pubs, where you can refuel before venturing out onto the coast of Portstewart for views and seafood. Cliffs, boundless horizons and epic atmospheres characterize the whole stay in Ireland - meant as an island - and there is no shortage on the Wild Atlantic Way, which enhances the northern headlands of Donegal. 

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High cliffs jutting out over the sea are still the protagonists in County Clare: with their 214 meters of maximum height the Cliffs of Moher are one of the most famous destinations and have been included in the Global Geopark of UNESCO. Those who prefer animals to the cold rocks can not miss to visit County Kildare: the Irish National Stud and Gardens are brought to give birth horses from all over Ireland and, with 250 foals that come to light every spring, is a real hospital for horses. 

The list of unmissable stages is longer and then you will need to put your hand to a good and updated tourist guide to discover all the places to mark in the travel program. Bearing in mind, however, that... "in April the Irish climate is mostly sunny with some clouds. The temperature ranges from 6° to 15°, so the early morning and late evening will be chilly, but there will be quite a lot of sunshine to warm the day. It will rain a bit, of course: remember to pack a raincoat and an umbrella. Layering is the best idea. The Irish climate is notoriously variable and you could experience more than one season in one day. It is the beauty of a trip to this small but mighty island of the wild Atlantic Ocean"



Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios