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The Gucci “Jackie”: history and curiosity

The bag that outlined three historical periods of the Italian Maison


The history of this bag has humble and distant origins, it was born in the 50s and its first name was “hobo bag”. The silhouette, in fact, recalls its main inspiration: the bags used by vagabonds to carry their belongings. These, in fact, tied a fabric bag to sticks called their hobo.

Originally, it was a day bag characterized by the crescent shape with a single short handle to be carried on the shoulder or by hand. The reinterpretation that made it famous for this season, on the other hand, also allows the bag to be used over the shoulder.

The distinctive feature that characterized the “hobo bag” was the classic piston closure that distinguishes Gucci. Later versions have seen it replaced, instead, with a zip.

The bag has a heart in fabric, printed or in one color, with a soft leather structure so as not to weigh down the shape and make it more comfortable to use.


It was in the early 60s that the bag was renamed for the third time, after having been previously renamed “Costance”, and today became the very famous “Jackie”. Often photographed on the looks of the former First Lady of the United States of America Jacqueline Kennedy, she became so iconic that she acquired the name, so much identifying the American.


As it has always been, in step with the times, even today the “Jackie”, like the whole Maison, always looks to the future.

For this reason, the creative director Alessandro Michele thought of revisiting the model also in a male version, thus eliminating the predominantly female meaning of the bag, making it more contemporary.


Obviously, as in the 60s, the Gucci “Jackie” has fascinated everyone since its first appearance on the catwalks of the FW20/21.

Vestiaire Collective, a well-known platform for buying and selling luxury used cars, has in fact stated that the search for the bag has increased by 30%, after the show (with the consequent increase in prices).

Influencers, fashion icons and fashion lovers all have been literally captivated by the fashion of this iconic and contemporary bag. Have a look with us some of the most interesting looks found on Instagram:

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Enjoying a quiet Saturday in his shirt 💓

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Pre-Launching Jackie 1961 🧰 #Jackie1961 #재키1961 #구찌재키1961 #Gucci #guccijackie1961 #AlessandroMichele #구찌

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Today I dressed like a pumpkin because the sun was finally shining and I wanted to match it 🧡🙌🏼 #amsterdam #guccijackie1961

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