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The installation by Gio Pastori for the Milanese UNIQLO store

From the riders to the lady in fur


The Milanese artist, born in 1989, was chosen by the brand to celebrate his first anniversary in the Lombard capital. With the collage style that characterizes Pastori's art, the figures of the protagonists of the city, of which UNIQLO wants to be part of, move on a solid blue background: From the rider on a bicycle to the businessman on a scooter, from the lady in fur walking in Piazza del Duomo, to the flower seller on the street corner. Models, young demonstrators, doctors and park guards. All gathered in the colorful, frenetic, contradictory and welcoming setting that is Milan”, describes Pastori speaking of his installation.

This choice of UNIQLO confirms the brand's desire to go beyond dressing as a daily and necessary act, making it rather Lifewear: a fundamental act that sculpts our identity and sometimes communicates for us.

A transversal artist (from music, to publishing, to animation to fashion), Gio Pastori reminds us, through his works, that the relationship between Milan and the Milanese is a beautiful symbiosis.

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L'art wall del nostro store di Cordusio si rinnova con un'opera di @giopastori per celebrare il primo anniversario. Vieni a vederlo dal vivo! #LifeWear

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