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Out now the last episode of “Io non ti conosco”, the new video podcast of Acrimònia

Available on YouTube and Spotify


“Every day there is one” and Acrimònia is ready to confirm the saying with its debut in the populated world of podcasts“Io non ti conosco” is the new video podcast that focuses on people. 

The cut is ironic and the conversation ranges around the host's work, passions and curiosities. 

A storm of questions that are more uncomfortable than comfortable

In the first season we talk about how to fake a job interview, food porn and trattorias, the LGBTQIA+ community and the penal code, rude VIPs and archistars, penis rings, phobias, the worst shoes in existence, family insults without missing Giorgia Meloni and Chiara Ferragni.

Guests of the first episode The Dino Stories, a young Milanese production company.

01 - Io non ti conosco - The Dino stories: only roman actors work

What does it mean to tell stories through video? We asked The Dino Stories, a young video production company from Milan. They explained to us how to transform from director to runner and from casting manager to sound engineerə, because the only truth is that necessity makes a virtue. We talked about Edoardo Leo, couples working together and how to fake interviews.

02 - Io non ti conosco - Alice Caccamo: food porn has broken my (bleep)

A former junior editor at Munchies Italia, she founded Siamo Stati Bene, a blog that recounts moments spent at the table. We talked about pistachios, Franchino the Criminal and trattorias.

03 - Io non ti conosco - Monsieur Bovary: a permanent job is not cool

A young eclectic television writer and professional journalist who, through a clever maneuver, started collaborating with Endemol. He has shared with us the meanings of inclusivity, diversity, and healthy detachment. We discussed the LGBTQIA+ community, Hermès ties, and the penal code.

04 - Io non ti conosco - Claudia Riva: between MTV, Zocca and yoga

TV producer, author of books, yoga teacher, she would have liked to be a singer and maybe even a fortune teller. There are no limits to human potential, and Claudia Riva knows it well. We talked about Massimo Riva, India, and rude celebrities.

05 - Io non ti conosco - Fabio Ferrillo: don't call him an archistar 

He does not like to be called an archistar: he is not just an architect, he is the architect. Brilliant, ironic, biting, his life is a novel drawn between Milan and Paris. We talked about the Bosco Verticale, fashion and Ferragni.

06 - Io non ti conosco - Marina Manfredi of LaVue Milano: Simona Ventura is a diamond

She makes jewellery. She had the courage to change her life and bet on herself. Her source of inspiration are the phases of the moon, her ancient Greek ancestry winking at a ramshackle algorithm and an improvised tarot reading. We talked about twerking, Jay-z and the penis ring.

07 - Io non ti conosco - Cristina Troisi: and then you are all photographers...

His photography is a mix of Bell’s face and Nordic aesthetics. From a sheet that is lulled by the wind and two elderly people holding hands, Cristina Troisi loves to immortalize the moments and make them static. We talked about hearts, phobias and Naples. 

08 - Io non ti conosco - Matteo Ciccone of Maestri Ciccone: repairing an S&M riding crop? Check.

What does it mean to be a shoemakerə in 2023 in Milan? Matteo Ciccone, at the helm of Maestri Ciccone, a business in the heart of Porta Romana that aims to carry on an ancient craft and pass it on to tomorrow's generations, tells us. We talked about money, Pescara, Tod's and the worst shoes there are.

09 - Io non ti conosco - Acrimònia: working with one's brothers is a disgrace

Cross-posting between hosts Elisa Graziosi and Giovanni Riva and Fabiola Graziosi and Giulietta Riva, as well as founder of Acrimònia, production house of Io non ti conosco. Amidst typically familiar insults, in-your-face laughter and bickering, we'll see some good things. We also talked about serious things.

10 - Io non ti conosco - Laika 1954: the italian Banksy is alive

Referred to as the "attacker" from the moon, Laika sends messages at night travelling the world and trying to draw people's attention to issues that are really worth thinking about. All this is done while wearing a mysterious mask... We talked about Liberato, Lino Banfi and Meloni.

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Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios