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Interview with Fabrizia and Francesca by Hormoon Skincare: a project that combines technological innovation and cosmetic tradition.

A new way of conceiving skincare, the right product at the right time.

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Bombarded by new emerging brands of skincare and cosmetics, it is utopian to think you can understand something in the midst of this sea of proposals. In most cases we slap on our faces products of which we do not know composition, action and effect, in the hope of providing the hormonal storms that paint our skin, find a solution to the stains that enrich it and give a stop to the redness and dryness that unnecessarily accompany it.

Fabrizia and Francesca, two cosmetologists who have dedicated their studies and their research to the deepening and influence that the hormonal fluctuations of women have on the skin, lifestyle and emotionality, are positioned in this confused landscape.

We met them and listened to them in the story of Hormoon Skincare, their skincare project that accompanies the woman in her hormonal phases.

Hello girls, we finally meet...

Hello to you, super pleasure!

How did the Hormoon Skincare project come about?

Born in 2020 from the desire to develop an innovative cosmetics with an approach different from the classic, focused on the main periods of women. We are in effect an innovative startup with technological development.

The ultimate goal, huh? Develop an application that synchronises and monitors the menstrual cycle with the skin, eating habits and physical activity.

What does the name mean?

We wanted to look for a name that evoked the concept of the hormone, but it seemed risky to focus so much on detail. So we came up with a pun between hormones and the moon, the queen of cyclicality. We have the idea to cure and support the cycles that characterize the life to phases of a woman.

Who/what inspired you?

Everything comes from a personal need, in everyday life you realize that a product at some point, as if by magic, no longer works on the skin. Accomplice was the period of the pandemic that allowed us to have time: put ideas in writing and develop formulas. The idea has always been there, but we’ve always been far, far, far away.

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What makes Hormoon different from other cosmetics brands?

Surely we do not know brands in Italy that treat the skin from the hormonal point of view. All cosmetics treat skin on the basis of its state: mixed, oily, dry. However, all girls can have all these types of skin throughout the month, in stages. This approach sets us apart from other brands on the market.

What is meant by “the right product at the right time?”

With this claim we try to understand how skin care can be attuned to hormonal fluctuations. We started from the menstrual cycle, what is the hormonal trend and how the skin changes during the month.

The skin has a reproductive cycle of 28 days. Also an average menstrual cycle lasts 28 days and is divided into 4 phases:

  • the first phase of the cycle sees the decline of estrogen that leads to dryness and dehydration
  • the second phase that is follicular from the seventh to the thirteenth day sees a rise of estrogen, so the skin is more compact but needs hydration
  • the third stage of ovulation has the peak of estrogen and here the skin needs little help (glowy by herself)
  • the fourth phase assists in a decrease in estrogen and an increase in progesterone and testosterone that lead to a great production of sebum
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What do you identify as strengths?

Minimalism and simplicity. We are against waste and against the routine of 10 products, one of the messages that we want to understand: it does not take much to cure the skin, just the awareness of what stage you are going through.

What about weakness?

Inertia: if you do not want to have this cosmetic approach, we are not made for you, if you do not have a deep interest in yourself, you do not want to deepen certain issues, our message can be hostile.

How do we know what stage our skin is in?

We have two steps of approach. The first is to learn for yourself to know the brand, take an interest, take the four products and synchronize the menstrual cycle to the four products. The second approach is to turn to us. We are always available because we try to convey information aimed at the operation.

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Goals in the near future?

Complete the app development by 2022. Hopefully...

Good luck to you!

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