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The beating of the tranny and the indigestible questions

Milan, America, the man-woman, the black man: where is the border of hypocrisy?


What are the models of civilised coexistence to which we refer? What are the conditions that allow us to feel good about our conscience? Where do we draw the line of acceptance? What crosses the boundary of what we call decency? What is the threshold of hypocrisy that we are willing to accept?

These are all questions that, in the face of the images of the beating of a transsexual by police officers in civilised Milan, we should feel it our duty to ask ourselves. Because here we are not talking about political affiliation and we are not discussing worldviews: here we are talking about civilisation. And if we believe we are civilised people, we have a duty to put some questions into our stomachs, at the cost of indigestion.

The beating of the transsexual in Milan brings us back to the scene of George Floyd's murder, in the highly civilised confederation of the United States of America: with the difference that the trans man survived and the African-American did not. Same conditions, a couple of men in uniform, same target, a being that - mind you, these are things that are not said - society considers inferior. A black man on the other side of the ocean, in the America of rights, democracy and equality, a man-woman in our city of reference, the city of inclusion, of continental breath, of opportunities and a thousand opportunities for redemption.

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Crimes, according to the codes that govern our systems of coexistence. Crimes, however, that are bent to the logic of a political system that refuses to question itself. And so it is that, in the face of such unprecedented violence, the shields of those who defend the servants of the state are raised against those whom the state would like to overpower: in the name of those who do not conform, who may be unformed, who are certainly defenceless.

Are we sure that this sterile pattern is still acceptable? Are we sure that the time has not come to say things as they are, to bang loudly on the drum and begin to batter this wall of hypocrisy on which we are made to bang our heads every day that God sends on earth?

Let us ask ourselves questions. And let us try to give ourselves some answers. It is not very difficult.

Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios