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The courage to look in the mirror

Make-up artist on the Revlon team, Elisabetta Dall'Olio likes to call herself an “old-school” make-up artist, a way of reclaiming a craft that was born long before the advent of social media


Elisabetta began to delve into the world of make-up back in 2007. After graduating with a degree in languages in Bologna, she enrolled in a make-up academy and laid the foundations for the long and winding path that awaited her. 

Her voice is ringing. Her gaze is fervent. Elisabetta is an explosion of humble, authentic words that get straight to the point.

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Hi Elisabetta, how does one get started as a make-up artist?

There is a canonical route that consists of studying at the academy and creating a portfolio once you have finished, and then there are many other alternative routes. I fall into the first category.

There are those who tend to revolutionise and those who tend to respect the physiognomy of the faces they are dealing with, which side are you on? 

It all depends on the purpose of the make-up being done. In fashion the tendency is to naturalise, in other areas to disguise. You basically have to take into account the context you are in.

Is the make-up world still a slave to standardised canons of beauty? 

Unfortunately yes, and the proof is the countless very young girls who resort to aesthetic medicine to conform to an ideal of beauty that, honestly, I have yet to fully understand.

How does one become an official make-up artist for a brand? 

My story with Revlon is very unique. The first contact, in 2016, happened by chance and from that moment on, love was born. Nowadays, if you work well on social media, it is companies that contact you directly to establish new collaborations.

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How much and how have make-up trends changed compared to 10 years ago? 

They are moving in a much more inclusive direction, just think of the colour selection of the primers. Product formulas are more sustainable. Packaging is designed to reduce the impact on the planet.

Where do you see courage in your work?

Choosing to be a freelancer. Did you know that there is no ATECO code dedicated to those who do my job? For a country like Italy, make-up can only be done by the beautician...

Is allowing people to feel good and look at themselves in the mirror part of your mission? Is it brave? 

I think it is natural, more than brave.

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What is courage for you?

I see it in three concepts: acceptance, forgiveness and rediscovery. I accept that not everyone likes me, I forgive my mistakes, I rediscover myself every time I allow myself to change.


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