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The May Day Concert: Fedez and his courage

2021, still fighting for freedom of speech and equality


Humans, different ingredients of a cake defined as a world, which without the single uniqueness of the individual would not have the same taste. Different from each other but of equal importance to obtain the perfect recipe, in fact, excluding a single ingredient from the dough, a dessert with unbalanced tastes would be baked.

An elementary culinary explanation that, however, reflects the discussion on civil rights.

Yes, because the basic recognition of these rights, for certain minorities, is still sadly a topic of discussion today.

I am appalled when to sentences such as “I believe in equality regardless of sex, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation ” there are still those who reply with political arguments, simply demonstrating the selfishness of those who, not being touched in the first place from a problem, don’t consider it a priority. If discrimination does not concern you directly but you do nothing to eradicate it, then you are also part of the problem.

I have always found fascinating those who express themselves in defense of the discriminated without necessarily being subjected to discrimination in the first place, not that their fight is worth more than that of the victims, but it certainly strengthens it, the power of empathy is able to stir the spirits and the world.

This is the case of Federico Lucia, aka Fedez, who during the concert on May 1st became the spokesperson for the set aside entertainment workers who, due to the pandemic emergency, were halved. He then spoked with admirable courage against the homophobia of various members of the Lega party and their dangerous allegations such as “If I had a gay son I would burn him in the oven” and once again expresses his position in favor of the approval of the Zan Ddl.

The icing on the cake, a cake unfortunately with a bitter and not sweet taste like that of the first lines, brings to light an attempt at television censorship, the request by Rai to sweeten his speech, removing some “uncomfortable” names, considering the context “inappropriate” to expose himself in these tones and urging him to “adapt to a system”.

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The rapper rebelled by completing his speech in the original draft and then posting, on Twitter, after being accused of being a liar, the full phone call between him and the leaders of public television.

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The answers from the other party? Matteo Salvini in a post is primarily concerned with a great priority (please read it with contemptuous sarcasm) that is the Nike logo on the Fedez cap.

Because Federico is known to be in a precarious economic situation and needs sponsors (even more contemptuous irony). Then he invites Fedez to join him for a coffee for an exchange of views, we hope that in the eventuality they make us participate in a Instagram live, I would see it with more emphasis than the 2006 World Cup final.

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Another problem that arose in some comments? “Federico is a communist with a Rolex who drives a Lamborghini”. In Italy you have to justify your wealth, even if is not obtained by stealing, as if it were a shame. Often the mentality of the failures takes over and one does not think “What can I do to improve myself and draw inspiration from those in a more comfortable condition than mine?” and rather it is criticized, it is denigrated, often more for frustration than for a different ideology.

If Fedez drove a blue car then would his battles be worth more? What if he drives a humble Panda? He could remain undisturbed in his ivory tower, isn't it admirable that he decides to use his media strength to do something good?

We remember his fundraising for the construction of intensive care wards in full Covid-19 emergency or that for show business workers or the messages of equality that every day, with light irony, he transmits in his Instagram stories.

Thanks Federico for your monologue, for having trembling hands but a sufficiently firm voice to spread the message that freedom of speech and equality are not political topics but basic humanity.

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