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Why the Tiffany bracelet should be the trend of March 2024

A title to the taste of honey for all Millennial listening


Closing your eyes you can jump into the past, then, eyes closed for a few minutes. 

First decade of the second millennium, the coolest girls of the school wear UGG, Juicy Couture suits, in the luckiest cases a Vuitton trunk (now out of production for a few months by decision of the French fashion house) and are literally full of heart-shaped charms

Tiffany jewelry is everywhere, necklaces, earrings but especially bracelets engraved: "Please return to Tiffany & Co. New York". The 18 years are celebrated in style, we rent villas, we buy special looks, the first heels with which all walk a little like Adelina and Guendalina Bla Bla of the Aristogatti

After cutting the cake there is the gifts moment (still without background Happy Birthday by Sferaebbasta). A new car from parents and a million jewels Tiffany&Co. from friends. 

@hannahabrown0 the pointing with my middle finger + my bracelet is my new personality #millennialtiktok #tiffanybracelet #tiffanyhearttagbracelet #millennialculture #y2kfashion #2000sfashiontrends ♬ Emily Rose - Prada's Version - skinnygirls

Eyes open. 

Looking back at the photos of the time, the Tiffany bracelet perfectly describes the aesthetics of the adolescence of a Millennial, but above all, describes a new modern buying attitude, to date normal. 

In the beginning this type of jewel was more elitist, granted only to those who could travel, in particular New York, Fifth Avenue. Then the movement of the big American companies towards Europe. Tiffany&Co. had already long store in Italy, the first opened in Rome in 1989, but the idea of being able to dress externally was still not widespread.

With the advent of Abercrombie and his handsome model salesmen the game changed and we all realized we could wear anything we wanted. To date, beyond the second decade of 2000, with a digital evolved until you want to vomit, we do not talk about it. 

@hannahinthehague My Quinceañera present from my grandpa way back when ❤️ #tiffany #tiffanys #pleasereturntotiffany #tiffanycharmbracelet #y2k #2000sthrowback #fyp ♬ Originalton - darkvidez

30 years or so, the age of some Millennials, is just right for a return to the dawn. Taking that bracelet out of your jewelry box is an act of trust and awareness. You can start playing with what was if you know well where you want to go. You may begin to feel strong because all the roots under the ground begin to tighten the ground in an overbearing manner. 

You can continue to be considered very young by the Boomers and you can become icons of Gen Z, which basically made the concept of 2YK go viral. 

A last advantage of Millennial, compared to Tiffany’s bracelet is in the possession already. With a quick tour on the e-commerce of the brand you can see that the price has more than doubled. 

@relovedagain can u believe it!! #tiffany #tiffanyandco #secondhandfashion #kingsroad #preloved ♬ greedy tate mcrae unreleased - babytatie



Illustration and artwork by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios