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Maneskin have conquered Europe but the controversy arises

Italy triumphs at Eurovision 2021, collecting the award but also many accusations


The healthy and occasional Italian patriotism exploded again, the fuse? It is not about the soccer world cup, not even about good food or good wine, the reason was the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 which saw the Maneskin, fresh from Sanremo's victory, triumph with their “Zitti e Buoni”.

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“Zitti e Buoni” (Quiet and Good) not so much we may say...because there was no lack of controversy. Already in the days before the start of the competition, the band was "forced" to sweeten the lyrics of the song in order to participate and so it was (except in the post-victory performance, where they freed themselves from the chain of censorship).

Today, the joy of the victory of the four has been overshadowed by a controversy, advanced by a French magazine, concerning the use of drugs.

The case exploded for a short frame in which Damiano, the charming frontman, is seen bending over a coffee table. The band immediately denied the accusations, the singer declared that he was not snorting cocaine, but that he was observing the broken glass of the guitarist Thomas and, to definitively silence the matter, he also made himself available to undergo a drug test.


Objectively, who with a minimum Q.I. would start snorting live cocaine during an awards ceremony, knowing that they are being caught and risking serious repercussions? I understand that it is easy to fall into the obvious association of “Sex, Drugs and Rock'n Roll” but it is equally immediate to think that it could be an attempt to justify the failure of the French singer Barbara Pravi, second classified.

“Parla, la gente purtroppo parla, non sa di che cosa parla” (“Talk, unfortunately people talk, they don't know what they're talking about”) reads the text of their song, almost an omen to the controversy raised …

But we must not respond to the controversies with other controversies, we turn the page and focus on winning. With this singing event not only Italy has won, but the whole of Europe has triumphed, because after a year and a half of deprivation and limitations, also and above all in the entertainment world, seeing people gathered in celebrating music was a real praise to the desire to return to life.

After a good 31 years, Italy returns to the roof of Europe and does so screaming “Rock'n'roll never dies”, coloring the sky above Rotterdam with light-blue. In fact, the Maneskin are the third Italian artists to win the European competition after Gigliola Cinquetti in 1964 and Toto Cutugno in 1990.

A breath of freshness, transgression and charisma, which transpires not only from the rhythm and the overwhelming way of holding the stage but also from their looks, often genderless and combined, signed Etro.

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Italy = mandolin? Today I would say more Italy = electric guitar, drums, bass, a powerful voice, young talents, black enamels and a lot of style! Elements certainly not gone unnoticed abroad, the band has in fact left its mark, conquering new fans.

Here a decidedly more ironic parenthesis opens, because the charisma of the members has broken through the hearts of Europeans and Europeans. In fact, on Tik Tok, videos dedicated to the four, in particular to Damiano and Victoria, are very popular! There is no lack of declarations of love, willingness to move to our country and appreciation of all kinds.



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♬ ZITTI E BUONI - Måneskin

Artists and sex symbols with rather fluent English, open minds and the typical straightforwardness of Gen Z, the Maneskin have all the credentials to be potential world stars.

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Damiano, Victoria, Ethan and Thomas, young boys and girl with a dream, started as street artists, are now building their own artistic path studded with successes and it's just the beginning!

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“Scusami, ma ci credo tanto che posso fare questo salto e anche se la strada è in salita per questo ora mi sto allenando” (“I'm sorry, but I believe so much that I can make this leap and even if the road is uphill, now I'm training” ) they sing out loud and, if this is just training, who knows what they will show to us in the future.

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