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The 5 beachwear brands to see for this summer

From acid colors, to pastel ones, to patterns


Summer is just around the corner and this year's costume rehearsal will not be so feared. There are those who will go to the beach anyway, those who choose to stay by their swimming pool or those who choose to discover new Italian destinations. Yes, it will probably be an all-Italian summer. But whether we are going on vacation or not, we cannot give up on a unique and timeless piece like a bikini.

We have selected for you 5 swimwear brands that will make you want to dive back into the bluest sea, feel the scent of sunscreen on your skin and the sand burning under your feet.


A brand that recounts a summer with a retro and 80s flavor, through one-piece costumes with intertwining behind the neck or trikini that meet in the union of a ring. The pop-acid colors refer to the beauty of the carefree adolescent holidays. The separate pieces with hyper-high waist briefs and the bra with flat neckline are the must of REINA OLGA.

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E🍒M🍒I🍒L🍒I🍒A ROCKING OUR MIAMI IN 🐅TIGER PRINT 🐅 #reinaolga #summer

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A brand that chooses to involve women of all ages, their bodies that have inevitably changed over time and enhances their features making them pure part of female beauty. From basic one-piece swimsuits with pronounced colors, to the two pieces with wide straps and perforated rings, the balconette neckline and white stitching reminiscent of jeans. The ACK pieces that deserve a lot of attention are the whole or two-piece "Tie Dye" prints created with a fabric coloring technique used in the 70s by the hippie community.

Stay Wild

For those who sustainability is more than a lifestyle, then they cannot do without the London brand Staywild. Two women extremely tied to the sea who have felt the need to become ambassadors of ideals of respect and protection towards a place of life. Not only do they fight for the problem of plastic at sea but they actively contribute to the cause by reusing regenerated ocean plastic and creating an adaptable silhouette for every woman.

Colors, basic geometric sizes are the secret of the creative reuse of this brand.

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With #fashionrevolutionweek upon us and Earth Day tomorrow 🌎 we have been thinking a lot why it’s more important than ever that as a collective in the fashion industry 👉 we should be looking at what we can learn from the current situation and what changes to the industry needs to happen 🙏 Right now we have a unique opportunity to stop, catch our breath and change our path moving forward. We can choose the way we want the world to run as it reopens, and most importantly we can choose to make it run more sustainably. Our earth has been crying out for restbite and we have finally given it some. The fashion industry can’t go back to business as usual, and we don’t want it to. We encourage everyone to take this opportunity to ask themselves, as we return to normal... what parts of normality do we want to bring back? And can the business models we use moving forward be ones that consider the planet? We hope so 🌎✨💙

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Essentiality and simplicity are the words that trace the poetic lines of these costumes that take their name from the Venetian island, Lido, where the Film Festival is held. The sensual and pure accent is found in the basic of the opaque lycra that lets only the back or shoulders leak out, chosen by Daria Stankiewicz.

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Mathilda in the new Undici bikini set in Sage. This set is available with either a fun ‘80s cut brief or with a high waisted bottom (best for who prefers more coverage).

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A brand born from the idea of two friends whose imperative derives from the name of the brand: "dare" but in detail. The silk fabrics with candy colors are rigorously delicate in their cuts and adherence to the female body. High-waisted briefs or one-piece swimsuits enhanced by a patchwork of glittery fabrics are Oséree's must-have.

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Back to the sunny-sandy-salty days ✨ #oselady @florriet in the Fantasy Stories High-Waisted Bra • tap to shop ! #brighterdaysahead #stayhome #oseree

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