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@citazioninapoletane phenomenon: whose voice is behind the frames of almost half a million followers?

The page created on Instagram a few years ago is gaining more followers every day and its hallmark is its "Neapolitan-ness".


His name is Giuseppe Zambon and he is Neapolitan. In his spare time he helps his mother at the family rotisserie. He is passionate about dubbing and a few years ago created the Instagram account @citazioninapoletane. In a short time it has reached 401 million users. All waiting for the next cult movie or cartoon excerpt dubbed in Neapolitan.

Who is hiding behind the Instagram page?

None other than me, Giuseppe Zambon. The voices in the videos all belong to me.

Why and when was the page born? What was the initial idea?

At a particular time in my life. I didn't really want to do anything important. Initially I was supposed to write my own ironic quotes. Soon after, the idea of dubbing films and cartoons in Neapolitan came up. I have always enjoyed voicing others, I still have fun with animals and people I meet on the street.

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How does the editorial plan work today? Do you prepare the posts or do users send them to you?

Some videos I search for myself, others are sent to me by followers in Direct. The goal is to inspire me.

Can you monetise from the page?

Today, finally, it is.

Do you do anything else in life?

I help my mum in her rotisserie.

What is your goal? Pure entertainment or something else?

I want to make people laugh, bring light-heartedness while scrolling. Before posting a video I always imagine what the people who will watch it will think.

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Why does the Neapolitan dialect have so much appeal to the rest of Italy?

I worked for five years in tourist villages and got to know many animators from different parts of Italy. Despite their ironic attitude, I was still the most successful with children and parents. I believe that Neapolitan dialect is loved mainly for its spontaneity.

A question you would like us to ask you?

"How much did you endure to get this far?"

What is the next step of @citazioninapoletane?

You will see in a few weeks, everything is almost ready!



Illustrations by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios