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Elly Schlein “everyone's secretary”

A breath of fresh air or yet another radical chic exhibitionism?


Elly Schlein has won, she is the new leader of the PD. Although the premises appear to be the best, one must remain cautious. 

Illusion linked to the ideal is a dangerous thing to do today: mala tempora currunt.

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The left has disillusioned its followers over the past few years. The rights of all have become the privileges of a few, without anyone bringing this inconsistent attitude to light. 

We have seen a Democratic Party that has made the condition of radical chic a fashion, an aesthetic, a lifestyle to aspire to. We have seen the story of the Italian social fabric pass from the hands of Rino Gaetano in “Nuntereggae più” to those of Fedez in “Communists with Rolexes”. Because even the radical with the glass of natural wine in his hand allowed it. 

And sip after sip, sensing a fruity note and a hint of Provence (but will they really get it?), they forgot about schools falling apart, doctors and professors being paid a pittance, and that ideals need to be turned into concrete actions, as well as aperitif talk in Capalbio.

Is Elly Schlein the answer? Is she the key to the reconstruction of a true Democratic Party? Given the precedents, it is difficult to say, but it is what one hopes for.

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Un post condiviso da elly schlein (@ellyesse)

The PD secretary is clear in stating her views: more attention to education, equal pay and reduced working hours, approval of the ius soli, strengthening of public health, approval of a law against homophobia, ableism and sexism.

The expectation is very high, the New York Times called it “la woman shaking up Italian politics”. Will it be possible to move from words to deeds at least this time? Good luck to Schlein is shouted out loud.

Image Brands&People on Unsplash