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It’s time for re-education

An ignorant society that harms every single individual needs immediate care


Maturing means starting to analyze the company by choosing a pair of glasses different from those with which you looked before. As you get older, you learn that a selfish view of the world is not so productive, not even for those who adopt it. 

When, as today, selfishness permeates the world, ignorance acts as a lever to ensure that hypocrisy can be considered normal. The lack of understanding of a social construct in which every man is linked to the other is a pass to the crisis. 

When you hear the term crisis the first connotation of the term you think of is economic. But the financial crisis is only the tip of the iceberg of the sick mentality in which we find ourselves trapped today, from which we cannot get out and who does not understand who tries to do it.

Man is a social animal, so said Aristotle, and when this concept begins to take shape in the mind, then you are beginning to do something for the world, or at least for your own small community. 

Today everything seems to be impossible: to find work, to pay for studies, to be able to buy a house to give dignity to one’s own existence, to use one’s own culture to serve others and not to belittle those who do not possess it, try to be respectful of the world really and not by slogans. I would like everything to become possible, through community work that should start from the summits. But if the summits can no longer speak for who they represent, the citizens have a duty to set an example and indicate the society they want to live in.

I tried through the editorial of Acrimònia in December to tell with the help of the photographer Cristina Troisi my vision of the emergency. I think we all have a little bit of what I have. 


Production: Acrimònia Studios
Creative direction: Fabiola Graziosi
Photography: Cristina Troisi